3 Ways To Get Lockpicks In Oblivion

Once you are at level 10 or higher, the skeleton key quest is an ideal solution to your problem. This is a Shrine of Nocture quest which results in having a skeleton key to open locks. It boosts your security level by 50 points as well. Shady Sam is a merchant who can be found day or night outside the Imperial City walls, northeast of the Chestnut Handy Stables.

And since Skyrim is just around the corner, it might be a good time to do a quick replay. You can choose apprentice, but the +50 magicka isn’t really worth the 100% weakness to magicka. Since you regenerate magicka anyway, +50 isn’t a big deal.

As others have said, merchants sell them. Look for lone walkers on the roads if you’re no where near a city. If you do the tutorial quest, is almost easy to find one in each URN you search. Otherwise general merchant they may sell it. In Stonefalls, fnsr google finance there should be one on the western side of the first starting city where a lot of other non-crafting merchants are. Doing this it took me around 1 hour and 4000 gold to get to smithing level 100, starting from around level 40.

Go to the arena or someplace where you can get lots of money so you can buy multitudes of lockpicks. Wander outside of the cities looking for a fort or someplace you can raid. There are usually about lockpicks in each dungeon, fort, ruin etc.

I mean, you can pick a insanely hard lock just with 1 lockpick and 5 Security skill, as long as you, the player is good at this minigame. This is what makes a good role playing experience in my opinion. You, the player is literally the character himself and doing the things that you’re actually good at it.

You probably would barely even notice the difference and if you did all you need to do is turn up the game difficulty a tad to compensate if you have a problem with it. They are also not any more powerful than weapons that are readily available to the character at level 1. However doing that will add 100 items pickpocketed to your statistics. It only works with weightless items that aren’t quest items. In this blog, I have collected useful informative articles about doors and their hardware – for beginners in DIY repair and for pros who need new information.

Common locations Buy from Aurelinwae or Calindil in the Mystic Emporium, Imperial City Market District. Most Mages Guild Halls will have at least one grand soul gem for sale. These may also be pickpocketed from the merchant. 4 gems can be obtained via the quest “Sins of the Father,” but they are not empty. If you talk to Countess Arriana Valga in Castle Chorrol she will claim to be in the middle of an investigation. If her disposition is 50 or better she will ask you to help, otherwise she will brush you off.

If you have the Dawnguard DLC installed, Gunmar is a master Smithing trainer. I use console to make Acrobat’s Amulet and Ring of Skimming so that I can run faster so running back and forth doesn’t take so damn long. Before you say get a horse, I usually do as I always use the Unicorn immediately at the start.

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