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I don’t run birds, I started with 2 lowrance hds 9s, gen 3, then switched everything out to garmins. I currently have a 9″& 10″ garmins on the nose, along with live scope and a 12 on the dash. However, self-reporting of tagged fish requires effort and burden on the part of the angler to initiate the reporting process (Pine et al. 2012), even in the case of smartphone apps (Venturelli et al. 2017).

I currently own a 2017 Cougar AE so the nose of our boats are very similar. For starters I would suggest watching the Ken Smith video about the Basscat Lynx. In both of the videos he is with Phil Allison who breaks down a bunch of information regarding his boat, as well as his previous boats. His current boat has one bird on the front, with 360 on the ultrex. I do not know which mount he has it on I think it might be a balzout mount. You can get those either from parts or directly from balzout.

New problems have also arisen, such as the decline in the market demand for fish and aquatic products, affecting fishers’ income, livelihood and so on. These deficiencies require China to establish a matching legal system to correspondingly solve the current legal and political problems. Small-scale fisheries contribute to food security and employ millions around the world. Overexploitation, however, threatens the suite of benefits that they can provide. Adopting innovations in gear technology can help to solve problems in fisheries (e.g. by-catch) but can also fuel overexploitation, with detrimental social, ecological, and economic impacts. Early assessments of the impacts of fishing gear innovations are crucial to preventing these innovations’ adverse consequences.

Overall combined manufacturer warranty coverage and extended warranty coverage will not exceed 3 Years. For detailed terms and conditions, please refer welcome e-mail post plan activation. Let us help you find the right setup for your time on the water. Tell us about what you do, then we’ll show you which products would be a good fit. Have not yet been evaluated (Cooke et al., 2021;Detmer et al., 2020;Feiner et al., 2020;Kleiven et al., 2020).

In Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit competition, the full field of anglers competed in the two-day opening round on Sunday and Monday. Greico was awarded the top prize of $5,000 for catching that bass, and used those winnings as part of his deposit to compete in his rookie season against the pros on the 2022 Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Presented by Fuel Me. 2010 Puma – I want to upgrade my bow electronics but would rather not go w/ dual units if I can help it.

To address this, we reviewed RF data sources available from a region of globally high participation (New South Wales , Australia) and evaluated their utility for RF-specific performance indicators within harvest strategies. We then linked these data sources to RF objectives they may be used to monitor. A total of 21 RF data sources were identified in NSW over the past two decades, spanning all major aquatic environments and 146 fished species. Numerous data sources were available to monitor ecological objectives, providing time-series and potential reference points for key indicators such as catch-per-unit-effort.

Few data sources were available for social, economic, and institutional objectives, consistent with a global paucity of these data. We found that most social objectives of RF lie outside the scope of traditional harvest strategies, although some are linked to underlying ecological performance. Harvest strategy performance for RF will depend on the relative importance of social objectives and whether these can be achieved by controlling harvest. Ever since I won this bass boat I have been trying to make mods and upgrades to tweak this rig into the perfect fishing machine. One thing I’ve been dreaming of is having double graphs at the dash so we went with the leader Bass Boat Technologies Dual Graph Mount and Stacker Mount.

We tagged stream‐dwelling black bass (Micropterus spp.) and provided anglers a choice of reporting methods (telephone, email, iNaturalist app, or a ‘mixed‐mode’ combination thereof). Our objectives were to examine the fate of reported fish, quantify trends in data quality across reporting methods, and explore how geographic location and angler avidity may influence use of reporting methods. world finance sikeston missouri Ninety‐four percent of tag reports involved the release of the fish with the tag still intact, creating opportunities for longer‐term data collection. Telephone was the most commonly used reporting method; however, this method had significantly lower completeness scores (e.g., lack of photographs or specifying fate of fish) and less precise location information than other methods.

You don’t have to delete anything from the future because if it was scheduled there then it will be removed automatically once it has been published, leaving room on your calendar for more content. If you want to schedule something that isn’t already in your planner , just drag over what should go first in the order you want it to be published, and then drag each other post or task accordingly. It doesn’t matter which month you’re trying to compose a post for- the fastest way is just one click away on your calendar, and no need to leave your inbox all day long. All of those other features are great too but this feature can really save you time when composing posts or messages quickly. Feeling very lucky that received a almost new product. Got every accessories which comes with original product.

Wednesday, it all came full circle for the Florida rookie. Greico weighed in a five-bass limit totaling 18 pounds, 5 ounces, to win the four-day Bass Boat Technologies Stop 2 at the Harris Chain of Lakes Presented by Frogg Toggs in Leesburg, Florida. Greico edged the second-place pro Andrew Loberg of Rocklin, California, by 1-pound, 8-ounces, and earned the top payout of $100,000 – or 20 tagged bass. I shifted plans and will be going w/ a single 10 inch Garmin on the bow and adding live scope.

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