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This technique is not like the other knotless techniques. When you use a balm, wax, or gel, you will add this over a knotted tip to help smooth it down and hold the hair from slipping out. Double knot the loc with the same technique you just used and get ready to start again.

If there are any loops of braiding hair sticking out the side of your loc, tug downward on the braiding hair. Slide the faux loc up and down the braiding hair as needed to adjust the look. Pick a braid to start with, then add some braiding hair to it. Buy some braiding hair that has a water wave texture. Select a thin strand, find the middle, then hold it behind your first braid, about 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) above the root. Finish off with a rope braid for a few inches.

Hair like this is super glam and it is perfect for the ladies who want a new look that will wow. These locs work best on long hair as you get the full affect of the curls. Our next idea is a gorgeous half-up, half-down hairstyle. The locs are very long and they have been wrapped into a beautiful bun. A hairstyle like this is perfect if you want a glam new look. Create your own version of this hair idea or maybe consider changing the length or adding a vibrant color.

Trim the excess hair from the bottom of the core with a pair of scissors. Hold the 1½-inch (1.91-centimeter) tip of the synthetic strand against your braid with one hand. Use your other hand to wrap the rest of the curly hair puns strand around braid and tip tightly. Start at your root, and continue downwards until you run out of hair to wrap. Synthetic butterfly locs should cost you under270$ dollarsfor a full head of hair (6-8 packs).

Finish the off by cutting the loop that holds the faux locs to the cornrows or box braids and unraveling the excess hair. When choosing your new hairstyle, you don’t have to opt for just one color. The faux locs have been styled into a few different shades including blonde, light brown and dark brown. This color combination is trendy and unique. Recreate this look or choose your own color palette.

Keep braiding, making the stitches nice and right, until you run out of natural hair to braid. You will be left with two strands of synthetic braiding hair. The hair has beautiful locs that are long and styled on the side. It is perfect for the ladies who need a no-fuss look that can be worn day or night. Hair like this will keep you looking chic for any occasion. Our first hairstyle is this beautiful high bun.

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