Could Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro?

Elephant Bush, or Portulacaria afra is a non-toxic succulent plant that you can have in your bearded dragon’s terrarium. You shouldn’t normally offer boiled chicken to your dragon. However, your bearded dragon can eat some lean cooked chicken without any seasonings once or twice a month. Meat should never replace live bugs – as it’s not nutritionally balanced or easily digestible, either. While your bearded dragon can eat beetroot rarely, it would be good to avoid feeding them completely.

But you always need to double-check what you feed your pet is safe and healthy. Bearded dragons love gobbling up mangoes due to their sweet taste, so you can put mangoes into your beardie’s diet a few times every week. Watermelons have too much sugar which can lead your beardie to face tooth decay, so avoid giving them too much watermelon every day. Plus, Vitamin A and Vitamin C helps in improving the vision, reproduction, and growth of bearded dragons.

Yes, your bearded dragon can eat Bok Choy occasionally (once in days). Offer chopped green leaves, and the white part – finely chopped. Baby leaf salad is often a mix of few different types of greens – usually chard, spinach and baby red/green lettuce. While your bearded dragon can eat the baby leaf salad, lettuce is not nutritious enough for dragons. Almonds are high in fat and are nutritionally unbalanced .

By feeding your beardie these insects, you are seriously risking their health. Beardies can eat pineapples, both fresh and canned ones. They are nutritious and safe for these pets in small amounts given occasionally. When feeding peaches or nectarines to these lizards and slice them into bite-size pieces.

Do not use oats as your bearded dragon’s tank substrate either – as they can easily get moldy and get ingested by your dragon. No, your bearded dragon must not eat lubber grasshoppers as they are toxic. Do not feed any and make sure that your bearded dragon can’t eat any of them. Leeks are a part of the onion family and are toxic to bearded dragons in bigger quantities. For example, your bearded dragon can eat alfalfa hay as a staple. Alfalfa is a flowering crop plant in a legume family.

Make sure plants have not been sprayed with anything, though. Your dragon shouldn’t eat honey too often though – it is high in sugar. the famous “i’ve fallen and i can’t get up” commercial was for what product? Offer once in a while mixed with water to dilute and soften. Your bearded dragon can eat a little bit of honey mixed in some water.

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