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A very popular panel for woodgrain siding, the 4″ Narrow utilizes a built-in fastening method. Utilizing hidden fasteners, this wood look metal panel provides long, clean lines and works well in any commercial environment. We discuss walnut wood, and the potential problems that are solved by using a more affordable alternative. Metal panels that look like walnut wood in a natural, dark brown finish. We discuss factors including cost, benefits, installation and more. These wood siding alternatives are available in three different painted metal finishes that replicate the look of real wood.

One of the main advantages of using wood look metal panels is that they are durable and have a long life span. The strong steel structure ensures that they will last for decades. Aluminum wood siding is becoming increasingly popular in Toronto and the GTA as it combines the richness of wood with the durability of aluminum.

Each of our siding lines has coordinating accessories and are available in a range of colors to complete the perfect design. The Porch Ceiling Collection gives your porch or overhang ceiling project a warm, wood-look appearance. Ideal for those who desire to build a durable and elegant exterior oasis that is low maintenance. DIZAL Faux Wood Grain Aluminum Siding is created when real wood planks are digitized to reproduce nature’s varieties of wood. An exclusive HD printing process prints the image onto the siding.

Basalt promotes a deeper connection between the building’s exterior and its surrounding environments through its captivating yet delicate hue. View our past projects and case studies to learn more about IMARK’s approach and how we are up for the challenge of your next project. This new Woodgrain Finish features a dark wood colour with a knot pattern. The added texture to it really makes it feel and look like wood.

Our team of dedicated aluminum siding technicians will understand your unique needs and pay attention to the details of the project. Our manfacturer is the leader in un-exposed screw profiles, you will benefit from our high-end products that provide a prestigious appearance to the buildings wood fairy costume that they cover. Manufactured in Europe, close to the customer, Joris Ide products are recognized for their quality and are used by all construction professionals. For any questions, Joris Ide’s sales teams are at your disposal and will help you in the making of your projects.

Faced with these difficulties, Joris Ide’s imitation wood metal cladding has become a practical and economical alternative to raw wood cladding. Perfect for single-color designs, or stark exterior contrasts-this ultimate low-gloss finish is perfect for residential or commercial metal roof or siding projects. Without a question, the most exciting aspect of the new HD line of wood look siding is the close attention to detail that appears in every plank. The significantly pronounced woodgrain elevates the appearance of a steel exterior siding that looks exactly like wood. What is it about wood siding that makes a house instantly feel like a home?

For a clean repeatable look, the 6.4″ profile provide modern lines and a nice balance that works well in commercial applications, increasing the visual appeal of the wall. Wood has a classic look that has popular siding styles like board and batten prominently featured in neighborhoods across the US. Unfortunately, wood siding can come with problems that make it not the easiest material to work with, and also requires more maintenance compared to other siding materials. As fiber cement siding continues to grow in popularity, it’s becoming more important to understand how to maintain and clean it. To prolong the life of your fiber cement siding, it’s recommended to spot clean as you notice any signs of dirt, debris, mold, or other stains. Small areas of dirt and chalk residue can be cleaned using water alone.

Fasteners are concealed, and the “Harrywood”profile can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Cedarminum Siding is Alumax Panel’s newest addition to its array of high-quality architectural materials. Resistant, easy to maintain, aesthetic and economical, wood effect metal cladding offers a competitive option for all wood cladding projects. As a composite panel, it combines visual qualities and energy performance in a single product. Vintage Pinewood is a lighter wood grain that offers a classy finish. Get the look of a wood finish with all the benefits of a long lasting steel product.

Our siding collections are expertly engineered to blend the best of both durability and aesthetic. With a carbon steel core, we provide unmatched impact resistance that doesn’t crack, melt or absorb moisture like other siding materials. It also perfectly mimics the look of real wood siding in a range of curated color options including a classic designer palette, bold hues and realistic woodgrain finishes. It’s easy to see why everyone is turning to alternatives for exterior siding that looks like wood. TruLog’s steel siding is virtually maintenance-free, meaning it eliminates all of the most common upkeep issues that come along with traditional wood siding. And yet TruLog has managed to create a plethora of steel siding options that mimic the impeccable, dramatic beauty of natural woodgrain.

On the other hand, termites target cellulose, which is what wood is made of, as a main food source. Having wood siding puts you at an elevated risk for termite damage. Look no further than Distinction Siding with its unique system for nuanced paint that accurately replicates the variations of real wood. “It is frustrating, as an architect, to research a product, and to have it fail,” said Steven Halliday, of 97w. “We consulted with the original siding vendor on specifications, details, and installation.

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