Hand Engraved And Wood Burned Waving American Flag Sign

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For a frame, I used the scrap cut-offs from when I ripped the stripes to width. Sorry Chuck for not responding sooner, I didn’t see your message until now. If you are still interested please send me a email at and I can custom make you a stencil. Attache a small chain with two screws to the top of the flag to hang it on the wall. We then use a small picker tool or a razor knife would work to pick each star off, revealing the wood beneath each of the 50 star shapes. Is made using a proprietary woodworking technique, that allows us to Char the Peaks of the Grain but not the Low Parts or the Valley of the Grain.

Once your Union rectangle star area is dry and completed. Use your nail gun to secure it down in place. If you don’t have a cricut machine, send us a message. We plan to sell custom sized cricut cutouts for outdoor forced air furnace this purpose. The first step is to cut your Wood for Stripes down to length. The bottom 6 stripes below the Union Blue/Star Area are full length and should be cut to 43.25″. So make 6 cuts at 43.25″ each.

We bought ours precut at 2ft x 4ft and it was square with 90 degree corners). Place your 2ft x 4ft plywood backer board on a table. You will attach the strips to the plywood and later you will trim the plywood down with a circular saw to be the exact dimension of the flag. You could cut it ahead of time but we did it after. The wood flag will make a wonderful addition to any room in your home or business. We strive to have all orders picked, packed, and shipped as quickly as possible because we know you can’t wait to receive it!

Cleared payment cleared payment – opens in a new window or tab. All attendees will get to take home already built flag of their choice and have a great time building a beautiful art piece for your home or a gift for someone. First apply the template and use a jugsaw to cut it out. Remember, if anything isn’t perfect, you can come back and fix it with a file. Today on Modern Builds, we’re making an American flag, but not just any flag, we’re using a Japanese wood-burning technique called shou-sugi-ban.

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