How To Host A Virtual Girls Night

Most alleys currently open require face coverings and are rigorously cleaning their bowling balls and shoes. Since actual karaoke bars are currently off the table for girls’ night out, create your own stage at home—even if that simply means the living room rug. Throw on your chef’s hat and get your hands dirty in the kitchen with your gal pals. Cooking is a great bonding experience, since you’re learning a new skill and working as a team. Plus, sitting down to eat something you created together is super rewarding. Below, find the best girls’ night in and girls’ night out ideas for your next lady gang hangout.

Assuming that you’ve got a few people on board, though, that might not be the most practical idea on the planet, especially right now. Unboxed Experiences by City Brew Tours can help you host a virtual beer and cheese pairing night or online home-brew experience. No matter which event you choose, you and your guests will either be brewing or appraising beer like experts by the end of the night. Distance doesn’t matter when you’re completing a Let’s Roam scavenger hunt. Their expertly designed events will turn your friends, family members, and loved ones into a unified group of adventurers bound by one singular noble mission. Keep reading to find all the details you need to host a virtual game night packed with side-splitting fun.

These games can also be a quick icebreaker activity before your main game for the night. Virtual Charades is the online version of the classic game, where a player receives a word from a random word generator and acts out the word for others to guess. When playing over the internet, stay within your webcam’s frame. Since the player acting out the word is not allowed to speak, use Zoom’s mute feature to ensure that the player cannot give themselves away.

It is bound to be a fun night full of lots of laughs, singing and amazing memories. By starting a book club, you and your close girlfriends can have a fun and relaxed girls night on a regular basis. Choose a book that you all agree to firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection read, then get together for a quality night in discussing the book, having snacks and drinking wine. Whether it’s Halloween or not, try out a unique girls night idea by hosting an old-school sleepover and telling some scary stories!

You’ll need to change the settings so guests can join before the host. I would suggest asking at least one team member to be present for an hour at a time, so no one is there alone. Zoom and other video conferencing platforms are great for virtual Bible study and small group meetings.

Whether you’re looking for something super low-key or simply living on opposite ends of the country, there’s no reason you can’t still have a fun girls night — virtually! Get everyone together for an online cooking class, where a world-class chef will guide your group through mastering restaurant-quality dishes at home. Think of it as Family Feud, but without Steve Harvey and his mustache.

Scour Groupon or LivingSocial for a rando activity—ideally something you’ve never done before—and then treat your friend to an afternoon of adventure. Nothing bonds you faster than mutually freaking out over indoor skydiving…or just dabbling in a pottery class, your call. Casinos can actually be really fun spots to drink and pull levers and maybe win some money.

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