James Madison University College-Approved Dorm Bedding, Bath & Decor

If this does not lead to a resolution of the problem, residents should contact their RA or residence hall director. A room adequately accommodates the persons to whom it is contracted and a few guests. Overcrowding rooms is a safety concern and an issue of community welfare. Residents may have no more than one guest per resident per night; overnight capacity in the bedroom may not exceed one guest per resident.

Esidence halls have cable TV connection in each student room and in the hall lounge. Our halls also have Stream2, allowing students to stream TV shows, movies and sports from their phone, surgery missy elliott weight loss laptop and other Wi-Fi connected devices. If residents are bringing their own loft bed or constructing one, the structure must comply with the guidelines specified in the loftHall Policy.

The new design reduces impervious site cover, improves pedestrian connectivity, and provides new opportunities for residence life to extend outside. In all, the site design creates a storm water management strategy that is equally environmentally friendly and beautiful. Logan Hall was completed in 1951 and named after Conrad T. Logan, former head of the English department.

The luxurious apartments are just 4km from campus on a bus route that you can use for free. Shops, restaurants, parks and cinemas are all close by, and the ISC can help you arrange your accommodation here. Students should plan to check out of their hall within 24 hours of their last exam. Students needing to remain at JMU for Thanksgiving and/or Spring break should select a room in Chandler, Chesapeake, Shenandoah, Paul Jennings, or Eagle Hall.

Garber Hall, completed in 1969, was named in honor of Dorothy Garber, former dean of women. Garber is arranged in suites of 3 double bedrooms that share a common lounge. Garber Hall has a kitchen, laundry room, a carpeted study lounge, and a carpeted TV lounge with a vending area, microwave oven, and recreational equipment for use by residents. Frederikson Hall, completed in 1967, was named after Dr. Otto F. Frederikson, former professor of history.

Only those who select the “Single Dorm Room Upgrade” and pay the required fee will be assigned a single dorm room. Please understand that a single dorm room does not come with a private bathroom. If you select “Yes” to the dormitory room question and you have a specific roommate request, identify that person on the roommate request question. If the person you identify also requests you as a roommate, we will assign both of you the same room.

MyResNet access has already been included in your student fees. All first-year students are required to live in university residence halls for the entirety of their first academic year at James Madison University . Through carefully selected systems, finishes, and design strategies, the project earned LEED Platinum status. The hall will embody an ethic of environmental responsibility while creating a healthy home for students to pursue excellence in their fields.

Visit the National Student Services Incorporated website for more information about Theft, Fire, and Accident Insurance for students. “Reset” is another word for “on”, reset meaning the power strip is reset/on and functioning normally with the electrical load plugged in to it. Surge protectors with no kind of reset/on or off switch you press from one side to the other are not permitted. Any appliance with a heavy electrical draw, such as a refrigerator, hair dryer, or an iron, must be plugged directly into a wall outlet, rather than a circuit-protected power strip. If you have any questions about Move-In , please contact the Housing Office at 568-HOME or res- North 38 Apartments are a great off-campus living option.

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