Outdoor adventurers will find the guidebook Kauai Trailblazer to be helpful in comparing various locations for hiking and biking . The Waimea Canyon area has extensive hiking trails both into the canyon itself as well as great overlooks of the Na Pali cliffs. Check with the park office on trail conditions and weather before starting your hike. You can safely view the ocean and rocks from the cliffs above. But the oceans around this spectacular island are treacherous. Kauai has the highest incident percentage of drownings of any of the Hawaiian islands, and Hawaii has the highest percentage of drownings of anywhere in the US.

Instead, people who live in Hawaii often use the term “local” or “Hawaii local” to refer to themselves. If you plan ahead and budget closely, you can enjoy a week of Hawaii travel for less than $1,000 per person. That said, the average price of a weeklong trip to Hawaii is $1,900 per person. It’s the most popular Hawaiian island for anniversaries, honeymoons, or couples’ getaways in the US.

If you prefer a guide there are some great guided tour options like this hiking tour, the Jungle and Eucalyptus Hike, Nounou Mountain Hike and a waterfalls hike. Adventure lovers – you will definitely want to spend a good chunk of your time on Kauai’s Northshore! The North Shore is home to a quintessential jungle paradise filled with luscious valleys, rugged mountains, and countless waterfalls. This part of the island is home to the timeless town of Hanalei and is also the closest region to the famous and dramatic Nā Pali Coast. SafeTravels Hawaii provided a valuable supplemental service that complimented & clarified all that was required (travel & health form, etc.) by the State for travelers to Hawaii. You are now required to have a reservation to top sites across Hawaii.

The local rule is that nothing can be built taller than a coconut tree. Lihu`e, on the island’s southeast side, is the civic and commercial center of the island, host to the island’s main airport, county offices, and largest shopping mall . The Kaua`i Museum , located in the old part of Lihu`e and is the island’s best museum on the history, geography, and people of Kaua`i. Kauai is the northwestern most of Hawaii’s major islands.

I used my airline mile and hotel points to travel well and cheap. I am truly an “out-of-the-box” traveler which has enriched my travel experiences. I am headed to Hawaii next month and I find this excellent news. The rate of Covid infections has dramatically slowed at least for now. Plan your trip to the islands, have fun and pack your face mask along with your sunscreen and sanitizer.

Other recommended activities are listed below by region. Camping and hiking are available above world finance flat shoals parkway the canyon at Koke’e State Park. There are two main highways on Kaua`i, both starting in Lihue.

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