My Go-To List of Safe Tea Brands

Our product standard covers post-harvest treatment and processing. They do not purchase any herbs or spices that have been treated with irradiation or chemicals such as ethylene oxide. Yogi has different varieties of green teas, wellness teas, more. Serving loose tea since 1994, Golden Moon Tea offers you teas made with 100% natural ingredients, grown without the use of any hidden toxins or dangerous pesticides because “this is how tea should be. This is what you deserve.” Their teas have no GMOs, no artificial flavors, no plastic coated tea bags, and no toxic pesticides. So what does one do knowing that the risks of pesticide poisoning are high in the tea brands one uses daily?

But what actually is the allowable pesticide residue in tea? As per the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, it is 0.1ppm. We’ll send newsletters full of healthy living tips right to your inbox. These lighter and brighter takes on iced tea are sure to quench your thirst. With unlimited growth potential, both professionally and personally, now is the time to start your future with Ochsner. Ochsner Health is a system that delivers health to the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and the Gulf South with a mission to Serve, Heal, Lead, Educate and Innovate.

It is the most oxidized of any true tea, possesses the strongest natural flavor, and is one of the most commonly drunk beverages worldwide. Health benefits include decreased inflammation, increased metabolism, lowering blood sugar levels, and improved gut health. This 2-Quarts stainless steel kettle will alert you when your brew is ready even if you are two rooms away. As many reviewers point out, the construction is durable, but not too heavy and it’s more than able to bring water to a boil in minutes.

Some people are concerned that these outer designs when stacked with other dishes for storage could slough off the tiniest amount of lead causing toxicity if ingested. The other concern voiced is if there is any plastic on top of the tea kettle; if so, it may be advisable to remove the plastic during boiling. Even the electric tea kettles with minimal plastic use chemical adhesives — and are less likely to last as long as the simpler design of a stove top model. Other toxic and endocrine-disrupting substances like PFOA, PTFE and PFAs can also be present in tea kettles. These chemicals are emitted from man-made coatings, often found on cookware, and thus, in our food.

Even if you have consumed some of the offending products listed above, don’t panic. Just replace them with healthy, organic tea brands like the ones we recommend and you can feel better knowing you’re doing your body right. The most important thing to remember when buying tea is to purchase products that don’t have herbicides, heavy metals, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals in them.

Their matcha is unparalleled and one of the best available on the market. Their organic green tea is one of my top favorite tea picks. Instead of paying for the teabag packaging, why not just pay for the tea? Our loose teas cost as little as 11 cents per cup, which is cheaper than almost all major grocery store brands. In fact, after water we drink more tea than any other beverage.

Shockingly, the organic green teas contained significantly higher levels of lead compared to standard green tea when brewed for 15 minutes. A Certified B Corporation, forlife tea infuser Choice Organics is also USDA certified and a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership . Their decaffeinating process is natural and free of toxic chemicals.

Equal Exchange’s organic tea can be purchased online for around $18 per box or keep your eyes open at your local grocery store. Tea Drops has sweetened teas, non-sweetened teas, and boba kits. Discover organic black tea, green tea, matcha, white tea, and herbal tea. It’s also important to consider the supply chain…were the farmers treated with respect and paid fair wages?

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