Nick’s Old Fashioned Hamburger menu in Lexington, North Carolina, USA

It had this great under-flavor of onions like many diner burgers have and many others should have. Mayo, pickles, tomato, onion, cheese. Hero House is a great family-owned business, too. The two Greensboro locations did easylife toolz fairly well, too , but the K-Ville location won due to the “overall happiness” rating. The experience was better here, not that it wasn’t before the onion rings were spectacular, too and that adds to the experience.

I think that Steven and I both agreed that the double was the way to go. Had I had this on the 2019 tour, they probably would have been in the top 10. Nick’s is in Welcome at 6999 Old US Highway 52 .

Anyone reading this and having been in WSNC for the last 3 years is probably questioning why it was a surprise. Well, in 2019, Hops Burger Bar had just opened. There was a lot of hype that I didn’t really understand, and in some ways still don’t. But, when Steven and I went for a burger, it was underwhelming, to say the least.

Overall Happiness was 35% of the rating. Because, to me what I felt while eating it, the enjoyment of the burger, and the ambiance in which I was consuming it matters a lot to me. After all, the whole purpose is the experience, at least to me. Come with your choice of lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles, or chili and slaw. The business remains open during construction with a temporary taproom located on the South Railroad Street side. The taproom is open on Fridays and Saturdays.

It was seasoned so well and the ingredients so fresh, that it made me go, “mmm” out loud. Stephanie had one, as well and she agreed with me. It was a double diner patty, mayo, pickles, tomato, onion on a sesame seed bun, which I generally don’t like, but the seeds were sparse and not in the way and not distracting. When we drive by here going to her mom’s, I think, “man, I could go for a Greek Guys’ Burger.” Greek Guys Grill is located at 2545 Somerset Center Dr, WSNC. Joe’s Take-Out in Clemmons was a “double” so to speak because I had scoped it out prior to the tour’s start. But, nonetheless, Steven and I tried three burgers when we went, the BBQ Burger , the OKC Burger , and the Smashed Joe’s Burger.

Offered in three sizes, the “almost big, “big” and “colossal burger,” the restaurant caters to appetites of all sizes. I had a great time doing these burgers, but I have a doctor’s appointment this week and I doubt he’ll share my jubilation. So, Street Team Steven, my wife, Stephanie, and I are looking for the next “tour” for 2022. I think Cheesesteak has been mentioned, but I’d like to hear thoughts on other tours we could do. Burritos, tacos, pizza, subs, sushi , and so on. Street Team Steven was a sponsor of this tour.

So what if you spill on your clean shirt? Nick’s, in its tiny space, snugged into a tiny strip mall sort of in the middle of nowhere, wants only that. Each week, the burger bar also offers customers a featured burger option. Recent features have included a prime rib roast burger, spicy meatloaf burger, kielbasa burger and a shepherd’s pie burger.

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