Prose Convenes Haircare Advisory Board to Develop New Gel

Top-in-class creams and conditioners that enhance kinks, coils, and spirals. The newest addition to the Prose Hair Care fam is the Hair Oil! I’ll have to admit, this bottle has it’s own shelf on my hair product wall in our office because it’s so luxuriously beautiful!

The mask was perfect for me, and the shampoo and conditioner were just alright, no better or worse than stuff I was picking up before. Unfortunately, neither of us saw the shampoo and conditioner doing that kind of work. My scalp felt better, but red and purple hair split my hair itself was similarly dry and dull during the day, with a tendency to get knotted and frayed. These are characteristics I mentioned in my survey—and Prose wasn’t an improvement over the other sulfate-free products I was already using.

She also uses a Tangle Teezer brush on her strands to prevent breakage. She says it’s “perfect for curly hair” because it’s gentle on her strands, which are prone to damage because of the curls. This product smells fresh and leaves a nice tingly feeling on your scalp, which to me signifies that it’s doing something good. I love the little dropper that it comes with, so I can get into those targeted areas in my scalp, even if I’m wearing a protective style. My scalp felt squeaky-clean after use, and I saw less dandruff than in previous washes. Curl Cream – It’s a weightless styling cream, defines your natural texture—from waves to curls and coils—while keeping strands hydrated and frizz-free.

As you can see, whether you have fine, coarse, thin, thick, straight, or curly hair, there’s a custom product to address your unique needs. While I didn’t feel like my hair needed the extras, including the pre-shampoo scalp mask, I enjoy them once in a while if I’m looking to give my hair a bit of a detox, much like a clarifying shampoo would . Not to mention, some of these brands really are the definition of #hairgoals. After testing the best shampoos this year — along with the best dry shampoos on the market — I’ve had conversations with hairstylists — and learned the ins and outs of what makes a certain product good. Ridloff turns to haircare brand Prose, which is all about customization to fit exactly what your hair needs. The actress teamed up with the brand for its latest campaign and was happy to share that Prose takes care of her curls.

After I apply some leave-in conditioner, I just add this curl cream onto my hair and I’m good to go. I received a Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Curl Cream. Prose uses natural ingredients when it comes to their hair products.

My hair tends to get flat pretty easily because of how fine it is. Any extra products, especially the wrong formula, are just too heavy for these blonde tresses. Because of the high concentration of ingredients used to hydrate your hair, it’s recommended as a treatment every other week before I shampoo.

Then throw in variables like lifestyle, diet, hair treatments, and geolocation and suddenly it’s nearly impossible to say if a product that’s a saving grace for one person will even be effective for another person. But that’s essentially the whole deal with Prose — it’s a brand that takes all your unique and personal hair factors and concocts formulas to specifically address the hair goals you might have. So, for the purpose of this story, I’ll look at how well Prose has worked in addressing my three current hair goals. Each Prose customer’s unique formula and routine is built not only from their specific hair type but also what results they want.

The Eternals star, who was the first deaf actress to play a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, knows it takes the right products to maintain her natural curls and a whole lot of love to make them shine. In addition, Prose expanded its own R&D team, adding Yaele Nasso to spearhead curl research and custom styling gel formulations. She worked with the group on the formulation for over a year. The group included Giovanni Ferrer; Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder ; Michelle Breyer ; and hairstylist and curl expert Ona Diaz-Santin. It’s hard to find a curl refresher that doesn’t simply wet your hair and leave the frizz to fend for itself or create so much buildup that you feel like you’ve put on a helmet. Thankfully, this is an instant cheat-a-wash-day in a bottle.

Which yes, does mean you’ll have to click through the haircare brand’s consultation test — but it’s well worth it for a curl cream formula that’s all your own. “In addition to being able to use this product to practice the LOC method, we developed our custom curl cream by using sustainably sourced ingredients,” Huffnagle continues. “We also knew that we needed to use ingredients that would work on many different types of curls but that would achieve an individual’s unique needs and goals.” Once my hair was fully dried, I could feel just how soft the conditioner and mask made my ends.

As for the styling finish, I get soft-hold, no-crunch curls every time. Once the quiz is complete, products are recommended to you based on your answers. Prose has nine core products in the line that are customized to fit each person’s needs. All three of us received a shampoo and a conditioner, but we were recommended different additions to cater to our specific hair types and needs.

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