Real Estate Barcelona & Coast

We serve interested buyers with kindness, diligence and maximum hourly availability. Distribution of the costs of the operation between the parties. Subordination to legal requirements and fiscal obligations arising from the sale. Apart from these points, it is recommended that both parties agree to submit to free consumer arbitration as a way of solving any possible conflicts. Penalisation applicable to both parties in the case of non-compliance with the contract.

We offer you a real and professional valuation of your property. We take care of everything, so that selling your house does not take more of your time or peace of mind then needed. Registering celebrity iou who pays the property is voluntary, but it is highly recommendable to do this, for protection against possible fraud. Furthermore, it will be needed if the property is transferred again in the future.

We help you in the process of buying and give you the tools to feel at home in Spain. An apartment with terrace, with views, renovated or to be renovated. We inform you biweekly about the status of the process, advising you on the best strategy at all times. Payment of notary public costs, with specific mention of the basis for implementing tariffs, the number of tariffs applied and the corresponding fees. If the seller does not fulfil the contract, the buyer can claim and even ask for the contract to be terminated, with prior refunding of the amounts paid.

The buyer profile for the property market in Barcelona is a diverse one. In addition to Spanish nationals moving into the city, many foreign nationals are acquiring second homes and holiday properties in the Catalan capital. Barcelona itself is an increasingly cosmopolitan city, with a total of 36 international schools within the city limits alone. The Spanish economy has enjoyed recent growth, with the indicators to prove it, increasing confidence in the real estate market. Now that many feel the worst of the financial crisis is over, a renewed interest in real estate has taken hold across the country, particularly in Barcelona.

And if there is something that we would not like you to say, it is that it is impossible to sell your apartment because there is too much competition. If you’re disoriented and don’t know where to start, we’ve got good news. From now on, we will work together so that you can put your apartment up for sale and, best of all, sell it just as you had imagined. Super professional and super good team, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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