Report: Google Business Profiles bug causing reviews to disappear

The reviewer has tried to promote their business by leaving a link, email address, or any other indication of their business. Here are some reasons why your Google business review is not showing up. The first thing you need to do is create your profile on Google My Business. In order to have reviews, you will need your customers to review your product to increase your visibility.

But, if you’re a more trusted reviewer, there might be a possibility that your review sticks for some time and get removed later. Google uses an AI to review and filter any reviews that it finds to be spam or not a genuine experience. Many times, however, it will remove legitimate reviews by mistake.

This extra spot on your Google business profile review page is not entirely indebted to Google. So, if you have an issue and it gets removed, it may just be because the non-Google site decided to take off your review; that’s when you would want to contact that site specifically. One of the most common reasons why Google Reviews may not show up is that reviewers can flag them as “fake.” It can become challenging to determine what the fake reviews are in this case.

Google has been all over the news many years for losing legal battles with the EU and other entities so please spare me. For your information Travis if someone has exhausted all your steps as well as other steps on the web that in and of itself can be a form of proof as well. Frankly I view folks like yourself as a nuisance because you’re on the web stating information like it’s fact without even considering the possibility you might be wrong. Now I’m not denying you may have helped some folks but there are a lot of people falling victim to what I have described.

When Google sees duplicate content, it gets confusing because how does it know what page has the “real” information? Each link with the same content in different formats counts as duplicate content. Google also doesn’t count either URL when calculating its ranking. Combining these two aspects means that your listings rank half of what they would if you got rid of any copies. Google probably is stricter about this in local search because there’s just so much spam out there, it’s incredibly easy to be the one site with duplicate content. As a business owner, the more google reviews you have, the better you may feel.

If you go on your Google my business listing and notice your business location is not accurate, be sure to contact Google support to have it fixed promptly. Not only does this affect where to buy huh crypto reviews, but it affects your Google maps if someone is trying to get to your physical business. According to Google policy, they don’t allow links in post reviews and google reviews.

When you get that notification email of a new Google Business Profile review, copy the review and the details. When you notice a drop in your number of reviews, take a look through your reviews to figure out which one was deleted. Google aims to provide “recommendations that are helpful and trustworthy.” Google’s spam algorithm helps to ensure they can provide the best information possible. Unfortunately, sometimes real and honest reviews get swept up and disappear – and other times, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to get Google to remove a fake or spam review.

In reality, the reviews are still there, but on the old business profile listing and not on the new one. That’s because your reviews help you bring in new clients and encourage repeat buyers to try your other products/services. Besides, performing a review audit can go a long way in making data-driven decisions for your website. We recommend making a weekly or monthly routine of copying new business reviews to a separate document file. As soon as you notice drops in your business reviews, you can now compare the actual review page to your backup to determine which ones went missing. It’s a rare case, but Google once confirmed an algorithm bug deleted legitimate reviews after an algorithm update dedicated to Google Maps reviews.

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