The black sword in Demon Slayer and other anime has a deep meaning

They may look sinister, but often tell stories of people who have been through hell but still retain a spark of goodness within them. Redemption is such a common theme with black swords in anime that they can sometimes tell you which “evil” character will eventually make you feel calm. That’s what happened plastic self defense knife when Crona escaped the control of the evil witch mother Medusa and nearly died trying to save a friend on the planet. In the anime Yaiba, you have Takeshi Onimaru who became a horned demon through the Cursed Fujin Sword. If he stuck with that non-black weapon, he’d most likely stay a villain until the end.

This derived from the Wind Breathing style and was a personal creation of Inosuke, who developed it after living in the mountains. It may also take inspiration from the wind boars Insosuke grew up with. Watching anime and k-dramas has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. Working as a content writer makes me happy, and I’m excited to be working at otakukart, given the opportunity to write on the topics that excites and inspire me. Cosplayers who are sticklers for accuracy but are on a tight budget will especially appreciate this replica.

Kyojuro Rengoku uses a red blade and is dangerous, eccentric, and strong, practicing the breath of flames technique to make him powerful and fierce. His strength, both without and within, makes him a brilliant demon slayer, as he is tough, fiery and burns with power when killing demons. His sword is also unique, as it is styled with a decorative flame that runs down his blade.

Then you have Asta from Black Clover, an orphan with the ability to summon swords made from darkness-colored Anti-Magic. We also can’t forget Bell Cranel from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Like Asta, Bell also wouldn’t be able to ask his parents for help if he ever lost his black Hestia Knife in the dark, since they died kind of unceremoniously off-screen. But those facts are precisely why we should have expected the young Demon Slayer’s weapon to turn black (besides the fact that the “tan” in his name is written with a character for “charcoal”). In fact, the complex symbolism of the color in Japanese culture matches perfectly with the values exhibited by Tanjiro, and other black sword users throughout all of anime.

It’s exceptionally powerful and he has the ability to conjure a rain of fire through the immense energy that he channels into the weapon. Zenitsu Agatsuma, a vital member in Tanjiro’s clique, possesses the yellow sword, which connects with his Breath of the Thunder style and the explosive, unpredictable nature that defines him. Zenitsu has already improved a lot since the start of the series and it’s possible that his blade and technique will only continue to mature and change. It’s also worth mentioning that Zenitsu Agatsuma’s yellow blade is colored through a lightning motif that runs down the sword, rather than the solid color design that’s present with every other blade.

This blade made its debut when Sanemi stabbed the box where Nezuko was staying. The Wind Pillar attempted to provoke her and prove that she is a demon like the others. Inosuke sure lives up to being the Beast, more than his boar head helmet and his fur waistband, by being proud and temperamental. His pair of Indigo-Gray blades with jagged blades contrasts with the straight and elegant-looking katanas of his peers. Rengoku notes that this is a weakness, but there is a loophole as well.

As you can tell by the colour, the sword represented the user’s unbreakable will. Apart from that, he likes to read comics, play games and collect action figures. This is a new Nichirin Blade given to Inosuke Hashibira, who created the Beast Breathing Style.

The purple blade represents the Moon, which is the exact opposite of the sword that Tanjirou uses. Not by chance, this is the sword that one of the main antagonists of the series so far, Kokushibo, wields. The Moon Breathing is an improved version of the Sun Breathing, which was enhanced by the use of some obscure techniques.

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