TikTok has changed music and the industry is hustling to catch up : NPR

TikTok creators have found comedy in this sound, which is a 2016 song by the Lost Kings featuring Emily Warren, who is a frequent collaborator of the Chainsmokers and appeared on their 2018 song “Side Effects.” At one point in time, this sound dominated TikTok, with creators constantly thinking of new ways to use the versatile audio clip. If the voice in the clip sounds familiar, that’s because it’s none other than rap icon Nicki Minaj. It’s the fastest fastest-growing social-media platform on the web, and the app has become a ubiquitous element of Gen Z life.

The show’s relationship to this conversation is somewhat complicated. “Dancing With Myself” does not include its contestants’ social media handles or even their last names, making it difficult to find or follow them online. It also replicates, after a fashion, some of the crediting issues many TikTok creators have protested. During the show, the celebrities are identified as creators of the dance challenges, and demonstrate the choreography as if it were their own.

And when she does, she’s hoping she won’t have to ask the traditional powers in the industry for recognition. Damoyee is learning to balance her school work, personal life and the social following she’s trying to build. “I know starting out, it took me a little less than a week to get 100 followers,” she said. “And I remember, like, seeing one-zero-zero, I freaked out. I thought, hey, I’m famous, you know? I was grateful,” Damoyee says with a laugh.

TikTok’s algorithm can make almost any creator’s video go viral, giving unsigned artists a shot at a big record deal. If TikTok is what it takes for British alt pop artist Charli disney christmas pajamas XCX to finally see major levels of pop stardom, so be it! TikTokkers unearthed her fan favorite deep cut “Unlock It” off her acclaimed 2017 mixtape Pop 2 for a dance challenge.

If you spend some time each day scrolling the For You page, chances are you’ll start to see the same sounds, effects, and video styles being used. For this challenge, all you have to do is add some text to your video describing a time when you were duped or got something oh-so-wrong while using the popular Psychedelic Clown filter. While sounds for this challenge vary, the most frequently used sound is a song called “Pan Con Choclo” by Firenetics, uploaded by user Angi_randxm.xD. And in the age of social media, the popularity of dancing has found new plateaus. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is learning choreography, just so they can make their own TikTok videos and share them with the world.

With a title like “3 Musketeers,” care to take a guess how many TikTok videos with this song feature three dancers? Its similarities to A-ha’s “Take Me On” and 80s music notwithstanding, The Weekend’s “Blinding Lights” is all about happy vibes, which comes across in the way everyone dances to it! And if you’re looking for dance tutorials, there are plenty on TikTok. TikTok might create opportunities for musicians, but some artists feel that they have to constantly be “on”. Webb says she’s certainly tried different strategies, but most times when a song takes off on TikTok, it seems to happen organically.

The performance featured a backing consisting of flashing lights and background dancers. The song’s bridge was changed during the performance and featured a more “amping house music vibe”. The impact of Jimin’s video causing a song to enter this chart had fans talking and marveling at his power and influence, and here are some of the comments.

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