Tokenized Jack Dorsey Tweet Sells For $2 9m, Funds From Nft Auction Will Be Sent To Charity

Blockchain competitors who could serve the NFT space include projects like Filecoin, Cardano, EOS, Tron, Komodo, Qtum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and Avalanche. According to Arweave’s claims, the protocol the team designed is meant to permanently store virtually unlimited quantities of data onchain. “Due to Arweave’s ‘pay once, store forever’ data storage model, NFT creators using Arweave can rest assured that their NFT’s assets will be available hundreds of years in the future,” the project’s blog post insists.

Estavi made an initial bid of $2.5 million on Mar. 5, but today, he raised his bid to $2.9 million to buy the token. Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has sold his first-ever tweet as an NFT, according to the website on which it was auctioned. The Twitter founder and CEO has sold his first-ever tweet as a non-fungible token.

The idea of smart contracts has been around since the late 1990’s, but until now, the full potential has not yet been realized. Tokenized aims to change that by offering a smart contract system that is highly-expressive, secure and capable of improving the contracting experience for all types of contracts. It also allows for full compliance with laws and regulations from all jurisdictions, as well as governance tools for managing terms and conditions, and the rights and duties of contracting parties. Given that any individual can own a fraction of the property through tokens, this eliminates the access barrier present in the expensive real estate industry, which is normally a great class divider. The presence of real estate tokens on exchanges ensures that liquidity is available to title owners, and with much more competitive rates than a home equity line of credit or other similar mechanisms.

Many crypto supporters believe NFTs will be a transformative idea that will shake up a number of industries like art, music, and online games. The Bitcoin SV network is a decentralized network which makes it very reliable as it has a lot of redundancy. If a node goes down there are always many other nodes operated by other entities that are there as back-up.

The Bitcoin SV network uses the original Bitcoin protocol as defined by the Bitcoin white paper and aims to achieve on-chain scaling in-line with Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision. It is important to note that the Bitcoin protocol is defined by how which parameters can be included with an event hit for reporting? it operates as a system, encompassing economic incentives as well as technical solutions. The Tokenized Protocol is designed for the Bitcoin SV network and it is also the only network that will be supported by our company’s products and services.

Data shows that to-date, more than 5.3 million non-fungible token asset sales have been recorded on’s market history. Out of all these sales, artists, blockchain firms, and NFT dealers have sold $414.5 million worth of NFTs. Out of all 5.3 million sales recorded on’s list, NFTs sell for an average of $76 per unit. Tokenized smart contracts have built-in governance features to allow token holders to vote on proposals, changes to the contract or assets, and other corporate governance matters. The Tokenized Protocol is an open source application layer protocol that utilizes the Bitcoin SV network for passing and storing messages.

Aside from the general regulatory uncertainty that prevents the market from thriving, tokenized commodities have not taken off – and are the laggard in the sector – because of the perceived usefulness of fiat and gold-backed tokens. For this to take off, the market would need to see the adoption of a stablecoin backed by a basket of commodities and currencies. According to publicly available data from CoinMarketCap, the majority of AAX’s current trade volume is dominated by traditional cryptocurrencies and DeFi tokens. Should AAX invest more in prominently listing these tokens, it would present a new growth story for the exchange.

The NFT hype continues to swell as Monty Python’s John Cleese is selling an iPad drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge on Opensea, and Swedish musician and artist Jonas Quant announced launching an NFT called Dreamfng. Join our growing global community and discuss the latest updates, current uses of the protocol and even share your ideas with the Tokenized team. Sina Estavi, CEO of the TRON-related company Bridge Oracle, won the auction.

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