What Is Kin Coin Cryptocurrency?

Of if they want to buy from me directly I will sell it for the same price that it will be in a year! Why wait a year to pay 0.001 for your Kin when you can pay that right now!!! I use stellarport, pity about the lack of liquidity otherwise a good exchange. Most of us have enough KIN in our mattresses that a $0.10 payout would be a significant, life changing event.

Coinbase is easy but the fees are horrendous. I buy ETH on Gemini and KIN on IDEX. Gemininis slick and while not as simple as coinbase the fees are 0.25% at most. I recommend HitBtc and just hold it on there if it’s a small amount…

Now then, Kin is an amazing project with an amazing team working behind it. The lawsuit was dealt with and settled. I was hoping that COSS might respond better to someone affiliated with . I have that is very important to me that was on the previous COSS exchange before the shut down. My has been on the exchange since April 8th 2018. This was previously used for trading to accumulate more .

So, theres a very high chance that coss will/has exit scammed. Hopefully thats not the case but theres a good chance your kin is gone. Anyone has any experience with their Kin being stuck on Coss.io? Asking for a fellow investor who can’t get his kin of that exchange. We all understand this, but the team seems to be constantly putting sticks in its own wheels. KIN has migrated to Solana Network.

The market cap is not involved in establishing anything. It is simply a useful calculation for ranking currencies. They eliminated staking rewards across the board.

XRP is worth less than Kin by my metrics and it has a 30 billion dollar market cap,so yes, anything can happen. Realistically Kin easily reach 1 cent, beyond that it’s a guessing game. Also if you try going through the whole process of buying from Changelly or another exchange you will get a very similar amount hcgs coin grading of Kin. Changelly fees with crypto to crypto exchanges are some of the best in the industry. Plus if you have a bunch of random coins you want to exchange directly to Kin Changelly is a great way to avoid the hassle of converting 2 times. It’s market cap divided by circulating supply that establishes the value.

Kin is money for the digital world. Earn, spend, and transfer value across an ecosystem of apps and services. Get paid for developing engaging user experiences. Nobody expects 1 KIN to be worth 1 BTC but what many people use as a point of reference is market cap comparison. And yet, their market caps are currently 50X+ greater than Kin’s. The moral to the story is, Kin is super cheap and the project is about something real.

I think their liquidity should be okay though. They just dramatically changed their token economics in the last three days. Their Slate card holders are livid since their tokens are locked and they just eliminated the 16% APR staking yield. Check out their community.swipe.org board. They’ve literally answered two questions in three days (unless you’re on their VIP boards). We will continue to slingshot back on forth on coin market cap until we have decent exchanges that make kin available to a larger market.

The KRE is ahead of its time with the way it pays out devs and users. Instead of having to watch unwanted ads, you can watch ads and earn kin, spend the kin on items in the app and in return the developer is rewarded kin. There’s many different earns and spends thoughout the ecosystem.

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