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She allowed negative self-talk and fear to hold her back from pursuing her dreams. After many years in the architecture industry, she realized she had more to give but wasn’t sure what that was until she learned about professional coaching. After more than 300 hours of training, she became a Certified Professional Coach and started her coaching business on the side. When her mother unexpectedly passed away after a short illness, she realized that life is too short to continue to play small and let fear hold her back. She made the brave decision to take a leap of faith leaving her corporate job to pursue her dreams full time.

We’ve all heard of the “flying money gif” but have you ever actually seen one? Tresa is a full-time real estate investor and answers questions throughout the MasterClass. Due to the high volume of women that she is training and serving, the Facebook chat and the Facebook page Discussion area are the best ways to submit and get all of your questions answered by Tresa and other participants in the MasterClass. The Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass is a 7-day online training with the founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network; Tresa Todd-Lugten. And we’re not just talking about a plan to scale your business to the multi-millions .

She has a social media following of 500K people, The Jennifer Allwood Show, has more than 2M downloads, coaching groups with thousands of members, and a #1 best selling book, Fear is Not the Boss of You. Click on this video to hear about Jennifer’s experience working with JoyBrand Creative. As a speaker, author, and CEO, Tresa’s call is to inspire women to step into their best lives. In a harsh, busy, distracted world, her message is a welcome fountain of grace.

Educating and empowering her clients is a passion and she loves the challenges and rewards it presents. Ms. Shapiro has been a guest on many local and national shows/networks. She is a published author and impassioned speaker with the determination to empower everyone around her with knowledge. The webinar will also uncover the details on how she was able to strike her first successful deal within 30 days with the knowledge and consistent support from her sons.

Jill Allison Bryan is a life coach, a master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and founder of Creative Oasis Coaching. For more than a decade, Jill has helped women from around the world reclaim their true sense of self. Denise has been involved in the healthcare profession for 25 years. Her formal education resulted in degrees in both nursing and psychology. She further holds certifications as a Dementia Specialist Trainer and Senior Counseling/Life Coach. After marrying the man of her dreams she moved to Burleson, Texas where she developed a love of and passion for her community, especially the seniors who reside there.

The past four years she’s served on the Board of Director for the National Speaker Association – North Texas helping emerging speakers learn the business of speaking. She holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Arizona State, an MBA and is a Certified Franchise Executive . Christy lives in Flower Mound, Texas with her husband and 2 kiddos where she practices her stand up material while sitting down chauffeuring her children to tennis and lacrosse. Tresa has started an initiative since the novel coronavirus pandemic has begun, where she presented her knowledge and experience over an ever-expanding network in form of online seminars and training to women. Thousands of women have attended her Facebook Challenges so far and benefited from this invaluable resource and remain passionate about their future and success, even during the most challenging situations.

Now, Dawn works with other “hidden entrepreneurs” to create a strategic plan of action that will help them transition into their 2nd Act with ease and confidence. Alma’s professional background includes management consulting, nonprofit leadership, and healthcare solutions. She retired in 2019 after spending five liamandcompany years as Director of Client Relations for Homewatch Caregivers … Helping families of elderly parents identify healthcare solutions. In her own family, Alma worked together with her 5 siblings to offer their mother, with dementia, the love, comfort, peace and dignity she deserved until her transition last year.

Together, we put together a custom plan for your specific business using cutting-edge online growth strategies that will catapult you to the next level of revenue. As part of your onboarding we offer you guidance around the creation of a weekly company scorecard with recommended marketing and sales KPIs. A quarterly strategic planning session with me, you AND your team where together, we decide on core focuses, milestones, progress evaluation and recommended completion dates based on your revenue goals. “I just had my most profitable online event ever and it was a direct effort of Laura’s advice, assistance, and coaching. My name is Laura Meyer and over the past 15 years, I have scaled seven different six and seven-figure businesses –both online and offline – in retail, info-products, consulting, and franchising.

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