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A specification that documents the interface requirements for a system or system component. Pertaining to the sequential processing of the individual parts of a whole, such as the bits of a character or the characters of a word, using the same facilities for successive parts. Term describing the transmission of data one bit at a time. Database organization method that links files together as required.

A method of reliability analysis intended to identify failures, at the basic component level, which have significant consequences affecting the system performance in the application considered. An event that causes suspension of normal program execution. Types include addressing exception, data exception, operation exception, overflow exception, protection exception, underflow exception. Specialized circuitry or a dedicated microprocessor that transfers data from memory to memory without using the CPU. Standards that describe the characteristics of a design or a design description of data or program components.

Contrast with error seeding. Multiple condition coverage. A test coverage criteria which requires enough test cases such that all possible combinations of condition outcomes in each decision, and all points of entry, are invoked at least once. Contrast with branch coverage, condition coverage, seneca niagara buffet coupons decision coverage, path coverage, statement coverage. A source code instruction that is replaced by a predefined sequence of source instructions, usually in the same language as the rest of the program and usually during assembly or compilation. Longitudinal redundancy check.

Execute control /name Microsoft.PenAndTouch from the Command Prompt to access Pen and Touch directly. Execute control /name Microsoft.PenAndInputDevices from the Command Prompt to access Pen and Input Devices directly. The Pen and Input Devices Control Panel applet is used to configure pen actions, pen buttons, pointer options, and flicks. Execute control /name Microsoft.OfflineFiles from the Command Prompt to access Offline Files directly. Execute control odbccp32.cpl from the Command Prompt to access ODBC Data Source Administrator directly. Execute control /name Microsoft.NotificationAreaIcons from the Command Prompt to access Notification Area Icons directly.

The actions, planned and performed, to provide confidence that all systems and components that influence the quality of the product are working as expected individually and collectively. Optical character recognition. An information processing technology that converts human readable data into another medium for computer input.

How can Pedro clean unwanted files off his system? It helps you evaluate how your system is performing but does not directly make it run any faster. I’ll be checking on your performance and giving you feedback throughout your call. Please feel free to click the ASK YOUR SUPERVISOR bar if you need help.

Contrast with adaptive maintenance, corrective maintenance. A sequence of instructions that may be performed in the execution of a computer program. A change made directly to an object program without reassembling or recompiling from the source program. Pertaining to the simultaneity of two or more processes. Pertaining to the simultaneous processing of individual parts of a whole, such as the bits of a character or the characters of a word, using separate facilities for the various parts.

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