Should you buy music for commercial use?


Sound-tracking your marketing videos can strengthen your brand and boost the success of your video marketing campaigns. Partnering with top-tier and top-talented musicians is an affordable way to gain legal access to the best music tracks usable in commercials. While some artists may never sue you for not buying licensing rights to their music tracks, you already know it’s ethically and logically wrong. So should you buy music for commercial use? Read on to understand why buying instead of using free music in your commercials is morally and logically upright.

You Avoid Violating Copyright Laws

Copyright laws protect an artist from exploitation by pirates and unruly business owners. Every music is copyrighted, meaning there are limitations to what you can do with it. For instance, you can stream and listen to YouTube music, but downloading it may be against copyright laws. The case is worse when you add the music to your background marketing videos without obtaining licensure. As you know, violating copyright laws and getting sued can land you in a head-to-head fight with the authorities.

You Support Talents

Purchasing royalty free music for your commercials is a great way to support talents while still pushing your brand growth. Companies that offer royalty-free music have licenses and sanctions from the artists to sell the music on their behalf. You’re not violating the copyright laws by purchasing royalty-free music, so you won’t be subjected to legal action. Consider going the royalty-free way instead of taking the shortcuts when adding music to your commercials, videos, and podcasts. You can access and compare thousands of tracks from renowned artists to select one that aligns with your brand’s goals.

You Avoid the Fines

Copyright infringement fines can be as low as $200 and as high as $150,000 for every artwork infringed. Imagine a situation where your business is struggling financially, and you’re sued for infringing more than 20 music tracks. Will your company not crumple or even experience untimely closure? You wouldn’t advocate a competitor using your brand’s unique slogan or label. Similarly, do not advocate the use of free music for your commercials. When you pay for the music used in your commercial, you save yourself from the trauma of dealing with infringement lawsuits and heavy fines.

Protect Your Brand Reputation

One rarely acknowledged benefit of getting licensure for every music you use in your commercials is the honor and reputation your brand gets. The artists will respect your brand and may go the extra mile to create more songs selling your company to the world. When artists know that you’re ever supporting their efforts and not taking advantage of them, they push your company to great heights through music.

However, when artists realize that you’re taking them for a ride by using their tracks to sell your business without paying, they may gang up to destroy your brand reputation. Even if artists do not gang up, your brand suffers a big blow if you face a lawsuit for copyright infringement. The followers and customers of your products will no longer credit your brand as trustworthy.

You Save Money and Time

The biggest benefit of buying the rights to a song before using it in commercials is the time and money involved. Many leading and trusted websites/companies offer royalty-free songs at meager rates. Some companies offer a subscription-based payment model, where you pay a small amount monthly to access hundreds of songs to use in your commercials. The accessibility to the many songs saves you time and avoids the hassle of comparing thousands of free songs on unlicensed platforms.

Similarly, since these sites collect tracks from thousands of musicians worldwide, it is easier to identify music that aligns seamlessly with your brand’s mission.

The power of music in adding emotive emphasis and entertainment to commercials cannot be underpinned. You already know quality and attention-grabbing songs can make your commercials stand out and improve your sales and website traffic. Before you use music in commercials, you must obtain the necessary licensing. You don’t wish to deal with copyright infringement lawsuits, as that could drag your brand’s name into the mud and negatively affect your company’s reputation. You can buy royalty-free songs to use in your commercials and avoid legal issues.

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