Ar-15 M16 Solid Wood Furniture Set Nutmeg Laminate Finished

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Black Wood source all of their wood from the US, each piece is CNC cut before being hand fit and finished and sealed by hand. Their website features a build gallery, one of the cooler builds, a 9x19mm AR pistol calibre carbine, uses the company’s rosewood grip and panels. Check that out below, and you can find our more about Black Wood’s furniture on their site here.

Tactical Skeleton is proud to offer the AR-15 industry a long awaited classic look to your AR-15/AR-10. The natural wood stock set features a fixed stock that uses a mil spec A-2 Buffer tube, 2 piece solid wood hand guard and a solid wood pistol grip. All three parts are machined out of the same highest quality nutmeg wood block; assuring a consistent matching grain. All furniture sets are made to order and have varying lead times based on current demand. Whether you’re building anAR-15 riflefrom the ground up or modifying an existing weapon, you should explore what the market has to offer.

Boyds stocks are made from a laminated hardwood which makes the extremely rigid, and the chemical-resistant surface finish protects the wood in less… For a more classic appearance, you can also choose wooden furniture for your AR-15 rifle. However, wood does have certain disadvantages when compared with modern plastics, such as increased susceptibility to moisture absorption.

Remove any plugins or applications checking for product status or pricing. Ready to go in the rain or snow, display or for long term storage. To top that all off, we do hand wax the wood for even better protection from the elements. We offer custom engraving services, if desired will include an engraving on the left side mag well per buyer request. The unique grain of each piece of lumber means that no two pieces of our furniture are ever the same.

You have a nearly endless supply of furniture options at your disposal, including custom AR-15 furniture kits, allowing you to increase the versatility and adjustability of your rifle for any scenario. While this can be considered part of the butt stock, the recoil pad is essential as a standalone feature for some weapons. The original AR-15 cartridge, the .223 Remington/5.56mmNATO, doesn’t recoil enough to warrant a dedicated recoil pad. While I agree that a wood grip would ‘complete’ the look overall, I wanted to keep this rig set up for enjoyable personal use, and I suffer from sweatyhanditis, which the rubber grip helps with. We do test fit all parts to our standard mil spec rifle or carbine on hand. As handguards that contact the barrel can interfere with the harmonics and barrel whip, affecting inherent accuracy, several companies offer free-floating handguards.

I was gonna say I’m pretty sure it isn’t an “assault weapon” if you add wood. The pistol grip is ergonomically shaped to give you a more comfortable feel. Wood is a natural product, no two pieces will have the same grain pattern best stain color for knotty alder to look reclaimed or finish color. A rifle should have, at a minimum, aset of sling swivels, allowing you to attach a two-point sling for carrying or stabilization. A quick-detach end plate enables you to attach and detach a sling easily.

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