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With this list of 62 popular paladin names, you are assured of finding the best names for your paladin characters. Whether you are looking for the perfect name for a character in your fantasy story or a role-playing video game, you will find this list quite inspiring. In the Roman imperial period, a palatinus was one of the closest retainers of the emperor, who lived in the imperial residence as part of the emperor’s household. The title survived into the medieval period, as comes palatinus.

Paladin is a leader and warrior who are known to defeat the evils in the battleground and bring about peace and positivity. So, you need to think of a name that could be used for a warrior or is related to peace and positivity. What you need to do instead is to think of a name that would be applicable for a paladin. The name Paladin has derived from a Latin word called Platinum, a title that was given to the close servants. The most popular Role of Paladins was Between 1050 and 1115. This was such a heroic and historic Death in the Battle of Roncevaux Pass.

Throughout medieval French literature, paladins became popular subjects. They were often depicted as knight-errant holy warriors. These people were also often portrayed in Baroque operas. Paladin names in the Roman imperial period is like dragons, a platinum one of the closest retainers of the emperor the title survived into the medieval period as comes palatinus.

In English, the noun paladin means a champion of a cause, while in French, the word paladin means ‘warrior’. The name paladin specifically became popular in the late 1500s as it was used to refer to one of the 12 knights in attendance on Charlemagne. Over time, its meaning has grown to include any gallant or heroic person.

This conflict took Place between Marca Hispanica and the Emirate of Cordoba. The Paladins became very popular During Medieval French Literature. There were more elements of fantasy that were introduced into the Paladins during the 15th and 16th centuries, the period of Literature of the Italian Renaissance. Later, they also gained popularity through operas in Baroque Music.

The paladins were also seen as Military Confidants who Served the leaders of the nation, besides being fictional characters. The paladin was immensely popular in the medieval period. They were the important members of Charlemagne’s court near about in the 8th century. They essayed a similar role like Knights of the Round. First, give that person a name by picking one that suits both you and your character from our list of male and female paladin names.

Several other countries have registered more than a few babies with the name. The darker blue indicates a higher chance of seeing a Paladin on the map. In the United States, the Social Security Administration reports that 36 babies were born with the first name Paladin from 1880 to 2020. During this time, the name was ranked 54,477th out of all the names in use. But a half-elf or even a tauren can become a paladin in Cataclysm. Martial Versatility allows you to switch roles while fighting.

The paladin has several different types of abilities, but the most notable is its ability to dive into battle without leaving an opening for its opponent. There are also druids, whose power comes from the moon. The dragonborn is likely to be the most powerful breath weapon for a paladin, although a chromatic dragonborn would be better.

Today, paladins are a staple class of warriors in fantasy stories and role-playing games. Often, these characters are depicted as a single, knight-errant holy warrior, but in many modern depictions, they’re more like combat healers. Paladins are a staple class of warriors found in almost every modern fantasy story and role-playing game. That’s why event planning company names have become so popular today. So, if you need a unique name for your hero in the next game or fantasy story, there are many unique paladin names that you can choose. Therefore, choosing epic paladin names should be an activity carried out with heed and fun.

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