Leather Pyrography Wood Burning Tools

Burning into wood is slower than when writing normally with a pen on paper, so try not to work too quickly as this could produce light and uneven lines. For example, pine, cedar, and aspen are easy to burn on. Within a kit, there can be a calligraphy tip that should be able to provide narrow and wide lines. Use the tip and apply light and even pressure to create thin outlines on your design.

Always check the wood you are working on; you do not want any toxic fumes from treated wood. The surface you choose to work on must be even and stable, you do not want the hot tool falling onto your new carpet. However, you do not need to reach this temperature for all items to produce a quality burn. Any uneven surface will make it difficult to draw or burn straight lines.

Wax-based and oil-based colored pencils will also cover the burned areas. For more painting and finishing techniques, get your copy of Leather Pyrography. So assuming you are just starting to do leather burning, you may want to stay on the less expensive side.

It’s also non-toxic and works on various surfaces, including paper, fabrics like denim, and even cardboard and cardstock — it’s a great tool for holiday card making! The brand also provides a selection of downloadable themed stencils for all projects to help you get started. This pen is compatible with all skill levels and offers full control over detailed projects. However, as with most solid-tip models, be careful not to press too hard to preserve tips.

Use a pencil or scratch awl to mark out a design then start tracing with the burner. When using the burning tool you don’t have to use veg-tanned leather but it will look much better. If you are burning chemical tanned leather, you may want to make sure front porch sayings there is proper ventilation. These chemicals can burn off while you are using this tool so be careful. You can also work on the underside of leather or even suede as well. The average range is anywhere between 400 degrees – 800 degrees fahrenheit.

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