New To Osrs

Not at all do we have similarly “boring” content in our game, and not at all is there just a difference in preference between people in what they find enjoyable. Use optimal quest guide guide the wiki, and consider using Runelite, a third party client approved by Jagex. Make sure to download the correct version though, as there’s plenty of scam sites out there.

Nex’s problem is that even without taking summoning and curses into account she’s a boss designed in 2011 for 2011. Therefore she’s just very easy and therefore very boring. She just ends up being a brew chugging simulator with unavoidable chipping damage either way.

If you want to play OSRS but don’t remember your original account details, you can just create a new account. Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. I want an ironman and a main, but I’m not paying twice the amount to play both half as much. If can bearded dragons have carrots you happen to be online, do XP wasting stuff like taking before/after desert screenshots. Do not gain any XP for the first 12 hours or so after the update, until it looks absolutely certain there will be no rollback. Beneath Cursed Sands is launching on April 27th.

Please remember NOT to do the quest as soon as the update goes live due to the risk of a rollback and/or glitch. Now before you get your dongers out and start screeching “BUT I DON’T LIKE RS3” or the classic “IT’S NOT OLDSCHOOL I DON’T LIKE DAILIES” I want to remind you of two things. Learn in-demand skills like Python, Git, and IT automation to advance your career. Get job-ready in about 3-6 months by earning your Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate.

You can do like 2h on each and get good enuf picture. PvP and PvM community often fight because PvM content gets added to the wilderness in an attempt to revive it. Players enter the wilderness tooled for PvM, so when they run into players geared to PK it becomes a one sided battle where the PvMers aren’t geared to fight back.

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