Starbucks Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte Short Nutrition Summary and Healthy Suggestions

Honestly, I prefer to order either chai or matcha lattes from Starbucks and make other flavors of tea lattes at home. This way, I can control both the steeping time and temperature. But, most tea drinkers know it takes time to steep the tea properly before adding all that milk. Therefore, it’s not really possible to get a good and fast tea latte made from tea bags.

A select blend of rich, full-leaf black teas from India and Sri Lanka sweetened with liquid cane sugar and combined with milk and ice. English breakfast tea blends vary by maker, but they’re typically a mix of black tea leaves with a pleasant earthy flavor. The Royal Engish Breakfast Tea Latte from Starbucks showcases a premium English breakfast tea blend made from Indian and Sri Lankan black tea. It’s sweetened with cane sugar and tastes delicious served hot or iced.

Of course, it can be added to coffee or espresso to make the famed Pumpkin Spice Latte. To see all the Teavana tea flavors that Starbucks has behind the counter, take a look at my Starbucks Hot Tea Guide. This post was originally published on May 21st, 2017, but was republished in December 2018 with new photos, instructional photos, and updated recipe notes.

Matcha drinks cannot be made skinny since they are made with sweetened matcha powder. In the long run making your own chai at home saves time and money. As a bonus, you can also control the amount of added sugar. Additionally, the pre-made chai concentrate contains sugar. Therefore, it’s not possible to order a sugar-free Starbucks chai.

Learn more about how to steep tea properly here. The milk and simple syrup town down the earthy and bitter tea, creating a smooth and creamy sip. This DIY Iced Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte is made with simple ingredients and is the perfect cool and refreshing afternoon pick-me-up.

I first sipped this latte a few years ago after my friend suggested I try it at Starbucks. I truly believe that the black tea lattes are the hidden jems of the Starbucks menu. Not only are they great on their own, but they are also delicious with different additional syrup combinations.

Starbucks uses Teavana Royal English Breakfast tea but it’s hard to find without paying a premium. Instead, use any Royal English Breakfast tea or English Breakfast tea.

Immediately strain over a fresh glass of ice, add milk and simple syrup and serve. It goes without saying, the iced versions of these tea lattes are served over ice. In fact, all matcha and green tea drinks contain caffeine. Though matcha has far vintage sun tea jar more caffeine than regular green tea. Have you ever seen someone walking around with a light green drink in a Starbucks cup and weren’t sure what it was? Please note, Starbucks makes tea lattes using 2% milk unless another type is requested.

From the nutritional facts above, this beverage can be said to be healthy, containing fewer calories. Below is a summary table showing Starbucks Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte’s nutritional value when served in a short size. In a teapot, add the English Breakfast tea leaves or bags and freshly boiled water.

Whisk the milk occasionally, creating a froth. Measure out enough milk for the cup you will be using. Pour into a small saucepan and heat over low heat. And while there’s nothing wrong with a cup of tea like that, I like a tea with a bit more depth. Yes, Starbucks Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte is good. You can also make this drink sweeter by adding some sweeteners.

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