These Epic Movie Soundtracks can make you more Focused and Productive by Sarthak Sharma The Skynox Blog

The Jaws soundtrack remains to this day, one of the most iconic, with immediate association and a thrilling feeling felt when it is played. When you need a full dose of classic inspiration to push through a difficult task, turn to Patrick Doyle’s masterpiece of strings and trumpets to set the pace. The music is the soaring background for Shakespeare’s moving St. Crispin’s Day speech. Be warned that there is a bit of vocal music, but the lyrics are soothing and chant-like, so it shouldn’t be too distracting overall. Like Jóhansson’s score, Yeon-wook’s is minimalist in structure, but maximalist in all other capacities. Its amalgamation of Western and Eastern musical styles and emphasis on forward-moving melodies is enlivening and actually tells a story of its own.

Practicing violin and writing poems keeps her busy when not listening to new music. From Bastille to Dion and the Belmonts to Yo-Yo Ma, her music taste is nothing short of eclectic. Her coffee order is a chai tea latte, and she can most often be found scrolling through Pinterest or thinking of new history puns. With smooth, silky playing, this album places you straight in a fairy tale. It definitely comes from a Disney movie, and has tantalizing chorus “oohs” often pop up in the background. Be careful; although it is an awesome score, it can be a little too tame-make sure to play only if you aren’t too dangerously close to falling asleep.

Additionally, the movie was also adapted into a musical that premiered on Broadway in 2017. The cast recording for that is also available on music services, though the original film’s score is tough to beat. Also in this stanford rejection letter genre, we see the vastly famous Inception movie, which featured music by Hans Zimmer, as did the 2014 movie Interstellar. Both these movies earned Hans Zimmer a plethora of awards, including a BAFTA and an Oscar.

Dream-like melodies blur into rising action moments, creating a soothing environment. If you’re lucky, the score might even plant the terms you need to memorize in your head. Love, Simon received acclaim upon release for being one of the first films by a major Hollywood studio to feature a gay teen romance. The film incorporates lots of elements of classic John Hughes films, and that’s especially true for its soundtrack. This selection of modern pop songs certainly captures that timeless energy. Thrillers are suspenseful and hard-hitting, especially if they feature some sort of twist or mind-boggling plot line.

The soundtrack’s increasingly frantic pace mirror’s Macbeth’s slide into madness, and the music is best used when you’re trying to power through a work session in short order. If you’re a fan of movies and you’re looking for an amazing soundtrack to help you focus, here are a few you should check out. Honestly, I don’t know what pub trivia nights and coffee shops with board games would do without this Marvel movie soundtrack.

Many consider La La Land more of a work of art than a film, with components, including film score, that work as pieces to a beautifully unique puzzle. One of the many great songs from this movie, “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme”, gives an old fashioned, classical movie-like sound with good vibes that spreads joy to the listener. One of the best film score songs of all time, “Time” is an engaging song that gives you goosebumps. “Time” remains an emotional masterpiece since its debut in Inception ten years ago. Just as amazing as the film, the soundtrack includes powerful musical elements and moving themes.

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