TikTok Introduces New Playlists Feature for Themed Video Collections

If you want to add multiple videos to a playlist you’ve already created, tap the playlist’s name instead of a selecting a video, then tap Add videos. You can then select the videos you want to add. However, adding videos from other creators to your playlists is impossible.

Tap the three-dot icon on the right side of the video. Alternatively, you can tap and hold the icon to bring up the menu. Remember that a single video can be added to only one playlist. To better categorize your content, make sure each playlist has a recognizable theme.

Also, videos must be public to show up in Playlists. If you add a private video, or make a video private after adding it to a Playlist, it will disappear from the collection. The social network’s newest feature still isn’t available for all users. But when it is, it’s set to have an impact on how brands use TikTok for influencer marketing.

TikTok released the playlist feature in 2021 — and it’s turned out to be an incredible way to categorize and show off your best videos. Once you’ve created your playlist, you can add more videos that you’ve already created, or add new videos to a playlist. You have to keep in mind that a video can only be in a single playlist at a time.

But with more creators signing up each day, they may soon make it available for all creator accounts. Navigate to the video you want to use in your playlist — remember, these have to be public videos. Then, tap the three-dot icon that appears on the right or press and hold the video. You’ll know if you’re in the club if you have the option to create playlists in the Video tab on your profile. You don’t need to meet any specific qualifications to use this feature.

As a result, this could boost your TikTok engagement, making your TikTok much more significant than you think. If someone is interested in watching romantic or sad content, you can create a separate playlist for this niche and assign a romantic playlist. TikTok playlists are like YouTube playlists where you’ve got the leverage to put your TikTok videos into different categories.

Plan, schedule, and automatically publish your social media posts with Later. TikTok Playlists are a great way to curate your TikTok videos for a more user-friendly viewing experience — which can help strengthen your niche and increase your video views. claim page on facebook ” playlist brings together a curated collection of videos about growth strategy tips. TikTok is introducing a new Playlists feature to group videos into themed collections. Your goal should always be to post when your most active audience is scrolling.

I’m really glad that @tiktok_us FINALLY unlocked the playlist feature for more creators. It’s honestly the most basic feature which should have been given to creator accounts from the beginning. It allows creators to organize videos into collections for easy scrolling. As a viewer, you can view the playlists on your profile by tapping on the “playlist” option between the user bio and the video feed. Select the playlist that interests you the most, and scroll through to continue watching the videos on that particular playlist. According to tweets rounded up by Navarra, you’ll need a Creator or Business account to use the feature.

Hopefully, TikTok will roll this feature out to all users in the future. TikTok has become a global sensation, launching the careers of many popular online personalities. The app is easy to use and attracts millions of content creators. It’s also introduced numerous features to help you organize your content, including the Creator Playlist feature.

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