10 Minimalist Fashion Tips

Minimalist fashion is a trendy style that speaks class, functionality, and simplicity. It emphasizes quality over quantity, using simple pieces and neutral colors. It also comes in handy to cut down expenses with the cost of clothes steadily on the rise.

These minimalist fashion guidelines go well with other accessories in your wardrobe, including diamond wedding bands, proposal rings, diamond earrings, or a diamond pendant. 

10 Minimalist Fashion Tips

Here are some guidelines to work you through the ropes of the minimal fashion sense.

1. Quality

Going minimal does not mean compromising quality. Choose a variety of clothes with durability and excellent quality. Variety will prevent you from being monotonous. Simplicity is the watchword of minimalism, not boredom. To add a touch of sophistication to your look, you could include a diamond pendant or 3-carat diamond ring. 

2. Monochrome

Colors such as black, beige, brown, gray, and white are very important in minimalist fashion. These neutral colors can be used in any style and are very easy to match up. They also go well with different types of diamonds, wedding jewelry, and proposal rings. 

However, dressing up with these shades is not all minimalist fashion is about. Wearing colors of the same palette and shade can also work too. You could include a piece of colored diamond jewelry to add to the shade. So, light up your wardrobe by adding bright colors. Be sure to use them frequently and match them up with appropriate pieces.

3. Attitude

No matter how good you look, wearing an outfit with the right attitude is all that matters. Style is about all confidence. Ever wonder why your fashion icons and celebrities always look so good in whatever they wear, no matter how simple it is? Well, this is the secret, not only the diamond stud earrings or the expensive tennis bracelet. 

4. Simple Pieces

Simple pieces are important wardrobe items because they’re basic and easily paired with other items. Some minimalist examples are white shirts, denim jeans, black shirts, and plain button-downs. 

However, being a minimalist doesn’t always mean plain. Spice up your outfits with items such as personalized T-shirts or statement shirts. Here’s the trick. To keep that minimal look, the print should be not excessive and should pair up with most things in your closet. 

To add a bit of zest to your look, you could add some lab-created diamonds, such as diamond stud earrings. Also, the accessory could be a solitaire ring or of any other wedding ring shape. It all depends on your taste.

The key point of minimalist fashion is dressing within the budget, and using simple pieces will achieve that goal. This fashion trend emphasizes simplicity yet functionality. Shop for items that you’ll use often and not clothes you’ll wear just once or twice. 

5. Versatility

Having a single line of fashion style is boring to the eyes. Get versatile by dressing it up or down. Go online and observe how elegant people dress. From there, you could get an idea of your niche. But, don’t be so comfortable you become predictably boring. 

You could also experiment with diamonds as part of your accessories. Try getting some small diamond studs such as diamond earrings. Check the diamond price chart to find a whole range of diamond styles that could be affordable.

6. Watches

One essential accessory in today’s fashion is watches. A stylish but simple watch is a perfect addition to a minimalist look. Having these elegant yet simple watches will cut down the dressing budget. 

Smartwatches are great options too. 

There are a lot of reasons to love smartwatches. They can do so much more than just tell time, with many of the best models offering features like fitness tracking, notifications, and mobile payments. Plus, they’re usually a whole lot more stylish than your average watch.

7. White Shirts

The trick to white shirts is having them a bit oversized. To avoid a weird and puffy look when tucked in jeans, have the back of the shirt tailored. For an elegant and flawless look, buy white shirts with longer and slimmer sleeves that you can easily roll up. 

The length of the shirt is also important. Too long or short just won’t do. White shirts that are too long give the notion you’re wearing a hospital robe. White shirts that are too short make it almost impossible to tuck them in. Having white shirts with mid-thigh length is a safe spot.

Another safe spot is choosing a 100% cotton white shirt. Also, check the quality of the cotton by observing the lightness, how much it wrinkles and how see-through it is. 

8. Loafers

This is an elevated base depending on the quality of leather. When buying loafers, quality is the foremost thing to look out for. But, remember, it must be durable, authentic leather that is very soft, one that hugs the feet, and is not too fragile. 

The style of the loafers is another thing to look out for. They should be simple. Nonetheless, bows and tassels are fine if you like them.

9. Sweaters

For that minimal look, an oversized sweater will do the trick. However, the sweater should not be too bulky. Another key factor to look out for in sweaters is the fabric. Natural fabrics are better, but some could be itchy or too coarse. You should watch out for this. 

Another possible choice of sweaters is organic cotton. Unfortunately, 100% cotton tends to wrinkle and shrink over time. An excellent pick would be 100% cashmere with at 2-ply yarn at least. Wool is another excellent choice. But look for the soft type like lambswool and merino. Shetland wool is a bit more coarse. 

The trick to having comfortable wool is buying wool with different blends. These blends maximize the benefits of the different materials. Search for mixtures with cotton, wool, cashmere, or silk to give that luxurious sensation.

10. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a timeless piece of clothing that can last for decades if you pick the right quality. They never go out of style and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Leather jackets are also great for minimalist fashion because they are a versatile piece that can be worn with many different outfits. 

Shopping for these jackets in a vintage shop is a great tip for getting good quality since they only get better with time. Be patient and save up to get the perfect leather jacket that will last you for years to come.


Minimalist fashion is the key to looking fashionable without an expensive budget. It also cuts down on things you’ll dress in just once or twice. The above tips are a sure guide to go minimal.

A minimalist wardrobe can help you focus on what’s important – your style, not your clothing. Give these tips a try and see how a simplified wardrobe makes getting dressed in the morning easier and more fun. Are there any other minimalist fashion tips that have worked for you? Let us know in the comments!

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