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Just providing some additional safety details to a previous post. And you thought the HV sections of old CRTs was dangerous…. Posting a video like this on Hackaday is probably reasonable, YouTube not so much. See I’m welder and one of those people who think warning labels should be removed from things like wood chippers and make it illegal to sue if product was not used properly.

Daniel is correct – there is absolutely no need to be anywhere near the wood or high voltage. Ironically, Big Clive made a video six years ago about how to do this safely. I think he avoided mentioning it to avoid the Demonetization owl carving patterns YouTube Ban Hammer. At least 33 Americans have lost their lives as they burn patterns into wood. Even if drilling were to start straight away, 2023 volumes would be negligible relative to immediate energy issues.

When I learned about the danger of Lichtenberg Wood Burning hobby, I decided to apply my experience and make the hobby less dangerous. Use our Machine to practice the art of wood burning safely. Handmade bench with the wood fractal burning technique used for the unique design, making it one of a kind.

The house fire then started as a result of the same current. The second option is more scrappy, but it could still really turn out beautifully. You can find a lot of wood-burning kits online, but these markers chemically burn the wood. All you have to do is draw on a design in pencil and trace over it with the markers, which have multiple tips for different effects. Then you use a heat gun to set the material and burn in the design.

Getting 120VAC across my heart was a really unpleasant feeling and left me feeling definitely Not Right for a couple of days afterwards. Statistically meaningful is when you can’t reasonably exclude bad luck. Then every self-appointed safety expert comes out to chime in how terribly dangerous it is, and the panic turns into hysteria with concerned citizens demanding bans and limitations on something which was never a serious public safety issue.

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