Be the Girl Next Door Who Knows Her Style Bible Well – Easy Tricks to Add Style to a Casual Look

Today, there are women who love to dress up and use makeup and still want to project this look. This is the woman who doesn’t opt-in for costly brands, and neither goes heavy on the makeup. Girls like to dress up for themselves first and then to impress others. When it comes to others, which is mostly boys or men, it is said that most men or boys prefer the women who have a “girl next door” vibe. Simply put, this vibe is all about being pretty, cute, and simple in your own skin.

Do you resonate with this? If yes, you aren’t alone! It’s because the girl next door look has a charm of its own. Contrary to popular notion, the look or the vibe is not being gullible or naïve. Instead, it is all about using simple attires or accessories to dress and look like a “pretty young thing.” Never mind, if you are in your early thirties, you can still look at this look. Today’s style options are endless, and you can always come up with your way of customizing the look. 

Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, here are a few style ideas that you can count on:

1. Choose delicate prints that look beautiful

Do you love to wear dresses? If yes, then wearing printed dresses is the ideal choice to sport a girl next door look. Without going overboard, you can choose prints like polka dots, geometric patterns, floral prints, and even animal prints. If the base color of your dress is white, yellow, ocean blue, or light pink, you have nailed the look. The best dresses to opt-in for here are the maxi and midi dresses. You can also choose the t-shirt dresses or the shift dresses and style yourself. 

2. Stylish and easy to wear sandals and shoes

The shoe choice depends on where you are headed to! For instance, if you are walking into a café, you can choose a sandal with comfortable straps. To add a little bit of sheen to your look, you can say yes to sandals and flip-flops with golden or silver straps. However, make sure that the golden and silver color doesn’t look very loud, and it adds a little glow to your look. If you want to wear heels, you can choose stilettoes or wedges. Boots aren’t the ideal option for this look. But if you are wearing a tunic with tights during winter, you can opt-in for boots with a feather border that will add a feminine charm to your look. 

Also, you can wear a pair of sneakers with your midi-dress so that you can walk comfortably. The best option here is to choose white or black sneakers with simple floral designs or minimal prints. Some women also prefer to wear canvas shoes for this look. You choose what you find best. 

3. Use smart makeup tips

When it comes to makeup for this look, you need to use it wisely! That means you should go easy on your makeup. If you want some hint or inspiration, think about how you will do your summer or spring morning makeup. The idea is to create a pleasant look that doesn’t scream “trying too hard to get attention.” For this, opt-in for a light base and do your contours so that it makes your face look prominent but not heavily contoured. Use a peach or coral blush instead of cherry red. Instead of a powder bronzer, you can use a sheer liquid highlighter to highlight your cheekbones, nose, and forehead. When it comes to lipstick, you need to take a personal call. Choose a dark shade if you are wearing a light-colored outfit and the reverse. But if you want to stay authentic to the look, you should choose shades of light pink, warm brown, coral, and mauve. Choose fuchsia pink instead of crimson and maroon if you have a fetish for dark shades. 

4. Get your hat correct

You can look like the girl next door and still appear to be stylish! And here, your hat will play a significant role. If you want a hat that will do the magic trick for you without you trying too hard, then bring on the women cowboy hat without a doubt. This hat is known for its prominent crown and wide brim. So, once you wear it, you can look stylish and protect your head on a summer afternoon or morning. A straw cowboy hat in a color of your choice will reflect a girly vibe and be easy for you to carry. 

Remember that the girl next door look is all about looking simple and classy. If you want to project an understated sense of style, this is the look that you need to choose. As you follow the guidelines mentioned here, you can create this look without any hassle. 

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