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At this stage, I just put in the fence posts so I could still get in to fasten the track. The gate was to be 3 1/2″ thick and I wanted the gate 1 3/8″ in from the posts, therefore the center of the track would be 2 1/2″ in from the posts. The wheels were easily obtainable from any number of fence and gate companies. The wheels that I used had a loading of 440lb each, which meant that the two of them together could support a gate that weighed up to 880lb . I also ensured that the frame was well fixed with nails and metal strap, the plywood was well glued and nailed, and that there was a good covering of paint. I had never made or installed a sliding gate before, so I popped in to the local gate makers to get an idea or two.

I wanted a sliding gate made solely out of lumber. We thought it would be easier and more practical to have a sliding gate in this particular situation. Also, when the gates were open they took up too much room, which made it difficult to park wood fracking extra vehicles off the driveway. IntroductionI wanted a sliding gate made solely out of lumber. Available for those jobs that specify a stainless steel cantilevered gate system. Dura gal powder coated steel picket gate with galv steel capping.

A Sliding Gate is a type of gate made from wood or metal that can slide from one side to the other making it a practical, safe, and secured way of protecting our homes. It is composed of metallic wheels attached to the bottom part of the gate enabling it to slide with ease during the closing and opening of the gate. Some of these gates are equipped with a remote control device that a user can operate from a distance for extra convenience.

I made a wall-type frame out of 2″x3″ lumber and covered both sides with 1/2″ plywood. I was pretty confident that I could make a gate out of wood that would not warp but it would have to be a specific design. The homeowner fabricated this wood gate with the help of a local contractor.

Common construction materials include galvanised steel, wrought iron, wood, and metal. Wrought iron and wood work particularly well for use in ornamental gates. Galvanised steel and other metals are often good choices for use in driveways and entrances.

Both swing gates and sliding gates offer security for your fencing. Nevertheless, one may be better suited for your needs than the other. Let’s compare some of the key features in sliding gates vs. swing gates.

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