Frequently Asked Questions About Body Piercing

But unless you plan to go sifting through stool for a week, which might be necessary if you’re really that worried, it’s possible that you won’t see it. CBRs usually tend to stay in place pretty well even if the ball is missing. If you have to wait a couple of days before you can get a replacement bead for it and you’re afraid the ring may fall out, close up the open section with something like a piece of tape or a pencil eraser. “Realistically, if it’s small enough and thin enough you can kind of cinch the two ends of the ring together,” Thompson explains. Fake jewellery is on the rise, sometimes pretending to look as fine as the real thing of cheap pieces.

At Infinite, most ear piercings , are done with press-fit jewelry. Similar to traditional butterfly-back earrings, press-fit jewelry is made up of two pieces that snap together. The decorative press-fit end has an attached pin that, when adjusted to have a slight bend, fits securely in place inside a hollow press-fit post. To remove, simply pull the two pieces apart, pulling the decorative end away first, then removing the press-fit post from the piercing.

To allow your body a sufficiently smooth surface to heal against, the polish has to be mirror smooth so that the surface is free of pores, scratches or dents. Even the tiniest imperfection can ruin a perfect piercing by causing a sandpaper effect to the wound site. Doing so may prolong healing and possibly lead to infections as the threaded ends may scratch and tear through your skin upon insertion and removal.

The needle causes the pain and damage not the minuscule amount of thread which no one feels separately during insertion. The wound continues to hurt because of the needle piercing. Test for yourself, the threads can be felt in your hand yes, but no damage, no cutting, no flesh or blood on the bars.

Ti 6A4V F-136 is also the same metal used in medical applications such as hip or knee replacements and bone pins. Other retailers frequently claim that their cheaper jewelry is “implant grade” but this is often not the case. If you are going to shop elsewhere, ask if your supplier knows the grade of the metal and if he or she has copies of the icf technology Mill Certs. Even if your eye can’t tell the difference between good metal and bad, your body may find out the hard way if you gamble on cheap jewelry. At New Flower in Long Beach we suggest that our clients wearing threaded barbells tighten their jewelry each time they shower. Showering is a routine, no one forgets how they clean themselves.

This allows for jewelry to be gently inserted in both fresh and healed piercings with much less risk of tissue damage on insertion. Externally threaded jewelry has been around for a very long time, it’s the most common type of jewelry on the market and is readily available and cheaply priced. This type of jewelry is often made from steel, plastic or an unknown base metal plated with heavily alloyed gold. This type of jewelry is considered low quality and professional piercing organizations usually recommend it be avoided. So, to conclude, there’s nothing wrong with liking or wanting externally threaded jewelry, beautiful designs do exist (and they’re much cheaper). However, if you choose to wear any, make sure it’s only for temporary usage and not an every day piece.

Metal body jewelry should be polished to a smooth, mirror finish. If you wear jewelry that has a porous or uneven surface, the new cells that form during healing grow into the irregularities. Then, when the jewelry shifts or moves, these areas tear.

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