If You Don’t ICO promotion Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

The best time to promote your ICO is before you launch it. Promote the project, gather interest and most importantly, generate customers for when the product launches crypto press release. This article will tell you about the importance of promoting your ICO now.

1. If You Don’t Promote Your ICO Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

This prospect will be your customer and investor upon launch, so it is of the utmost importance to give him/her all information leading up to and during the launch. Do not leave any gray area for the investor/customer to fill in with his/her imagination. If he/she does that, you can bet that he/she will not like what he/she comes up with.

2. This Is Probably Your First Time Launching An ICO 

When creating an ICO, many people think about creating a strong foundation instead of thinking about marketing their ICO to ensure a successful launch. This is a grave mistake. As previously stated, if you don’t promote your ICO now, you’ll hate yourself later.

3. Promote Your ICO So You Can Get Featured in News Stories and Contributor Positions on Popular Websites

News websites such as Bloomberg , Forbes , and Fortune are always looking for great stories to feature their readers. Getting featured on these sites can create an immense amount of interest from potential customers/investors. However, getting featured on these sites often requires a substantial amount of promotion beforehand . Therefore, promoting your ICO now will give you the opportunity to get featured on the big time news outlets later if the launch goes well. 

4. If Your ICO Gets Featured In Popular Press, It Means People Are Interested In It.

Therefore, the best strategy is to promote yourself as much as you can before the launch of guest posting sites. This will give you the chance to stand out in the crowd of ICOs and will allow things to work out perfectly for your ICO.

5. Have You Thought About The Subsidies You Could Receive From Big Names?

Before launch, there are companies that offer huge subsidies for getting their name associated with your ICO project. These companies offer up to $50 000 for each post related to your brand and the post must receive at least 1 million views . 

6. Since You’ve Already Moved Forward With Your ICO, You Don’t Have Any Other Options.

Just like the above point, once your ICO is launched, there will be no other point of reversal. Promoting your ICO now is the best time to do so because you are already in motion and there is no room for mistakes.

7. If You Do Not Launch Your ICO Now, It Will Affect How People See Your Project

This means that while the majority of people are still unaware of you or your project creation, it will be impossible for these people to see where your project actually came from or what went into its making. One of the best ways to create interest in your ICO/project is to put it out there early, have people see what you’ve done, and then build upon it.   

8. If You Do Not Promote Your ICO Now, You Will Lose Out On Investors 

Interest And Start-Up Money Since It Is Easy To Get Sponsored Once You’ve Raised A Few Thousand Dollars for seo backlinks.

This is a sensitive point however the fact still remains that many businesses are willing to sponsor projects that are already well on their way to success. This is why if you don’t promote your ICO now, you will be kicking yourself later on when you lose out on all of the great sponsorships and investors looking for start-up money.

9. You Should Be Preparing For Your ICO To Launch.

First and foremost, you should be preparing for all of the possible pitfalls that can come up during the launch of your product/ICO. The No.1 most common problem that startups face is running out of money  which is exactly what will happen if you don’t prepare now for this potential issue.

10. Once the Product or Service Has Been Launched, You Can’t Recover From This Mistake  

When launching a new product, there are many people who watch it come to market first hand. Some will know its unique qualities while others simply want to watch it fail as they believe that more fail than succeed in today’s world .


You shouldn’t wait to promote your ICO because once it has launched, it will be too late. Remember the lesson learned from the first point; you’ll hate yourself later if you don’t promote your ICO now.

It is never too late to start promoting your ICO and BlockChain. You will thank yourself if you get a few new customers and possibly investors on board now. It is also very likely that your product won’t fail to take off once you’ve launched and are able to generate new customers/investors because then your marketing efforts will have paid off.

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