Pick the best color for your new roof: neutral, dark, warm, light

This protection is enhanced by more asphalt to weather any storm. Each shingle manufacturer boasts a whole range of colors for their different shingle options. In truth, there isn’t always a lot of difference in color between each manufacturers different shingle options.

My problem, however, was very similar to the year I needed to purchase a red blouse to go with this wonderful light blue patterned skirt I bought with a touch of red in it. Well, so much for THAT idea The fashion industry had already decided what colors our clothes were going to be that year and there was NO red blouse to be had. (I should have gone to Goodwill, but I think I looked there too and still didn’t find even an old one). Exposure is the amount of material after installation that remains exposed to weather. The standard asphalt roof shingle exposure is 5″ or 5 5/8″ . For 12-inch wide shingle materials this means that the headlap or covered portion of each shingle course will be 7.

Some people think that brown shingles should be avoided if the body of the house lacks warmth. Still, we highly recommend weathered wood shingles for pure white homes because it adds a ton of visual interest. Cream and brown go really well together because both colors 4stepincome have warm undertones which makes weathered wood an excellent choice. Also, choosing a neutral roof color like brown protects your property’s resale value. A newly installed roof always increases a home’s property value, but some buyers are picky about roof color.

Find the right roofer for your roof replacement with the tips from this guide. Know what to look for and which roofers to avoid in Alexandria. Because your roof is a huge investment, upward of $10,000.

​Due to variation in monitors and printers, the color samples seen on your computer screen may not exactly match the corresponding shingle. We specialize in residential, multifamily and commercial roofing. CertainTeed Northgate “Max Def Granite Gray.” All of our roofs come with a25-year workmanship warranty backed by the manufacturer. CertainTeed Landmark TL “Country Gray.” All of our roofs come with a25-year workmanship warranty backed by the manufacturer. “Weathered Wood” CertainTeed Landmark PRO Composite Shingles.

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