Unique beers abound at the Extreme Beer Fest

No beer proved that more than Common Roots Brewing Company’s Foraged Fruit. This South Glens Fall, New York, brewery’s American wild ale was the lowest alcohol beer at the festival at 2.5 percent alcohol by volume . Brewed with black currants and Staghorn sumac, the flavors burst from the cup.

In all, nearly 80 breweries poured more than 370 beers at the Extreme Beer Fest on Friday and Saturday. It’s impossible to try them all — even if you went to all three sessions, your liver wouldn’t be able to handle it. Here are my thoughts based on the 30 or so samples I tried. BOSTON – I go to a lot of beer events throughout the year, but the only one I haven’t missed for more than a decade is Beer Advocate’s Extreme Beer Fest.

A decent amount for every drinker to decide if they like the beer or not. It’s not easy to pull off a well-balanced, juicy double IPA, which is why beers like The Alchemist’s Heady Topper and Lawson’s Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine are surrounded by so much hype. Keep an eye on this Florida brewery–beer this good won’t stay underground for long. 81% of brands are frustrated with their ability to drive execution in the store. In this guide we show you how to find the execution opportunities that move the needle on sales. Just log in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account and fill out a quick form to share your latest and greatest with craft beer fans across the country.

If you’re creative, you can dream up a million ways to get your beer into people’s hands and turn curious consumers into loyal sippers. Although field events come in many forms, all of them end with putting a new group of customers in direct contact with their next favorite craft beer. We compiled the top five up-and-coming field events you can use to grow your brewery faster. We pay tribute to the brewers who pushing the boundaries of brewing. Please note, there are three specific session times – consult their website for details. Both consumers and brewers love tap takeovers in the craft beer market.

Sponsored by the Brewers Association, Hop Head Farms, and Proximity Malt. Partnering with a craft beer catering company launches your best beers into the field. Companies such as Just Tap’d, based out of Warner Robins, Georgia, provide this type of opportunity for craft breweries across the detroit free bud light country. Boasting a large selection of beers from breweries such as Allagash , Just Tap’d serves a variety of craft beers to consumers that would not have otherwise accessed the product. Every beer company wants to get the word out about its brews, and field events help to get the job done.

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