Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival at The Funky Buddha Brewery

Hundreds of screaming fans have stood in lines + people deep in order to sample some of this particular libation. “The same beers that were popular at the lounge are the ones that are popular today,” Ryan says. With a few exceptions, I think that we should start a brewery here, and give it a name. Let the beer and all the great beers that we can brew come to the UK. It would be a shame if we are all stuck with the same recipe of beer every time our favorite brewery came out with new recipes for the same beer flavor. The brewery currently has two beers on tap, two on tap in the taproom.

Looking for the standout beers was tough because they all sounded intriguing; however a few managed to create decent sized lines of people anxiously waiting to try. The original Funky Buddha Lounge and Brewery in Boca Raton Ryan was already inspired by craft beer, and he had been brewing on and off for ten years with homebrew r str_replace kits. “I was the guy whenever I traveled, I had to go to different stores to see what beers we didn’t have in Florida. Back then it was a very different beer scene in Florida.” Ryan’s love of Florida and diverse styles of beer drove him to action. But the brewer has a knack for making beers that are unique and interesting.

With a plethora of beers and four hours to try them all, I would say that VIP to the MBCP festival is well worth it. VIP attendees do get an extra hour of time before general admission begins. I still managed to put my taster cup to work by trying tons of brews.

If you’re considering a career in the brewing industry, the Master Brewers Certificate Program can help you get there. See what our graduates have to say about their experience in the program. Whether your dream is to brew award-winning beer for the public or something you’d be really proud to share with friends, the Master Brewers Certificate Program will teach you the skills needed to help your brewing reach new heights. The August A. Busch III Brewing and Food Science Laboratory—which houses the Anheuser Busch InBev Pilot Brewery, the world’s first LEED Platinum brewery, and the Sierra Nevada Brewing & Food Science Laboratory—is unveiled at UC Davis. Thanks to Bamforth’s efforts, this gave students in the Master Brewers Certificate Program access to state-of-the-art brewing equipment and practical, hands-on familiarity with the methodology being taught in the classroom. For the first release, the Bottleshop Collaboration Project teamed up with Seattle’s Cloudburst Brewing to create Soul Proprietor IPA, recognizing that brewery’s prowess for producing that style.

Within a few weeks Maple Bacon Coffee Porter was rated the #1 rated porter in the world on When we moved to our production facility in Oakland Park we wanted to pay homage to the beer that put us on the map and throw a festival in it’s honor. They named this festival after the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter to celebrate its yearly release.

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