The Hidden Cost of Jewelry : Human Rights in Supply Chains and the Responsibility of Jewelry Companies

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To create the illuminated bottle, Oculto partnered with Inland Packaging to leverage smart label technology featuring printed electronic pathways, paper batteries, micro switches and LED lights with a pressure sensitive label design. Additionally, when drinkers scanned their bottles, they were connected to a web app called Relics of the Night, which let them interact with the brand digitally and potentially earn rewards and prizes by posting comments and photos to social media. Coles has launched the latest Nurture Fund round, with SMEs able to apply for grants of up to $500,000.

It also conducts additional audits of suppliers on an occasional basis and publishes information on areas of noncompliance. However, it does not reveal its suppliers and Human Rights Watch considers the company to be overly-reliant on the RJC for its due diligence. On the basis of available information, Human Rights Watch considers Pandora to have made moderate efforts to ensure human rights due diligence. In such cases, our food staff swears by the companies’ own supplier codes of conduct—no matter how robust—may become irrelevant. In practice, companies rarely appear to use their own third-party auditors to assess their gold and diamond suppliers and almost none of the companies include visits to mines of origin as part of their third-party audits. This includes, among other things, a context characterized by the prevalence of hazardous child labor.

The temperature-responsive ink fills in a complete circle when cold, and fades to an agave plant eye design when warmed by a warm finger holding the bottle, when the beer has been drunk or when the bottle stops being fridge cold. When AB InBev bought Modelo, it had to give up US import rights for the company’s most prominent Mexican beers—Corona, Modelo Especial and Pacifico—because of antitrust concerns. The third fastest growing beer there is Stella Artois, which is Belgian.

Boodles initially told Human Rights Watch that it was “satisfied with the integrity of our suppliers,” but in October 2017, informed Human Rights Watch that it recognized more needed to be done to ensure Boodles sources responsibly. The company informed Human Rights Watch that it had engaged in a conversation over the need for robust human rights due diligence with one of its diamond suppliers, and that it was intending to do the same with other diamond suppliers. The Code of Conduct outlines expectations of suppliers regarding human rights, labor practices, environmental protection, and ethical business conduct, and asks suppliers to align with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Each supplier is expected to sign the Code, and the Code is part of the companies’ contracts. Diamond suppliers are expected to comply with the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council System of Warranties.

Our research found that most of the 13 jewelry companies we contacted directly recognize their human rights responsibilities and have made some efforts to responsibly source their gold and diamonds. Having first and second surfaces, and a solvent disposed on the first substrate surface, the size of the sheet-like substrate corresponds to the size of the masking graph. The use of chameleonic-type solvatochromic dyes to display hidden graphics has been shown to follow. Reichardt Dye (device from Aldrich Chemi-cal Company of Milwaukee, WI).

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