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Over-the-top inventories of kitchen appliances and electronics were the top culprit. At some point this year, though, the thirst for buying stuff finally quenched. Some of us got spooked by inflation, others got hit by a hefty tax bill and still others decided to spend their apparently boundless cash on trips abroad and fine dining. And this isn’t a trend that’s exclusive to transportation. The cost to move a container from Asia to a major port in North America or Europe has sunk by 23% since the beginning of this year, according to maritime research firm Drewry.

Audiophiles widely acknowledge that vinyl records have a fuller sound than CDs, which are heavily compressed and tend to have a thinner, more brittle sound. But that advantage falls fangs only fan by the wayside if an album is played on a cheap turntable, Baker said. To end, I’d like to emphasize that the vibes are abruptly off and no one really knows what’s happening.

More than 150 titles — ranging from pop, soul and rock to country, folk and jazz — will be available, with new selections popping up each day. Not only can you pad out your music collection with beloved records from the days of yore, but also modern artists like Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Jake Scott, Mac Miller, and many more. It’s all part of Walmart’s Music Mania event, which will see new vinyl exclusives and music collectibles released every day. Lead the design team to create a new experience for the music department at Walmart. We developed a design system that allowed the creative to change every day, while still being branded and cohesive.

Sometimes it can be hard for us who toil in logistics to get the attention of lofty economists and traders. Even though I write about the companies that move everything we eat, wear, drink and most any other verb you could think of, I’m still told that I cover a niche industry. It’s all leading to what Forbes’ Madeline Halpert called “markdown mania,” and not just at Target. Target is selling televisions for 25% off and patio sets at a 52% markdown. In total, shares in consumer staples stocks have tumbled by about 9% from mid-April highs, while consumer discretionary shares are down by about 20% over the same period. I haven’t seen any of the stores I’ve gone to in the last 2 months get restocked.

It’s been a while since I hit the last remaining record store around here, they have strict Covid rules, even closed up completely for about 5 months. I’ll make an effort to get something there soon. Following closely to see what the rest of the week brings though. This is one randomly strange collection of records, but I did have to snag that Flying Burrito Bros. Don’t sleep on that Barbara Mandrell or pay ebay prices later… Of course, there are a ton of additional vinyls, figures, and collectibles available from artists that are not listed above.

They have been two of the mainstays of Walmart’s very limited in-store inventory for some time. The five-day event will include color vinyl discs from artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Johnny Cash, Halsey, Post Malone, Keith Urban, KISS, Frank Sinatra and John Denver. To be clear, there’s absolutely no replacing the greatness that is walking into a local record store and getting your hands on the vinyl you love most. But Walmart is doing a good job of supplementing that with some exclusive releases and special vinyl colors all week long.

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